How to answer children about the meaning of life

How to answer children about the meaning of life

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Offering clear and forceful answers when children ask us about the meaning of life is not easy at all, since many times the answers are not within our reach either.

As parents, it is normal for us to feel overwhelmed by questions from our children about the meaning of life such as: Why are we born? where we come from? Why do we die? What happens after dying? What is my purpose in life? What are we living for? What is the reason to live?

Many times we answer these questions by instilling in children our way of understanding the world, our spiritual beliefs, our motivations and even guiding them to live in the way that it does not seem to us they should live, but this is not always the best. right.

It is essential to have a reason to live but we cannot forget that we must be the ones who discover and choose what is the reason on which we want our life to revolve. Helping children to find meaning in their lives and to commit to it makes them satisfied and well-rounded adults.

Recommendations for answering questions about the meaning of life:

- Listen carefully to concerns, the doubts or fears that children pose to us.

- Don't ridicule their questions no matter how much they surprise us or catch us unexpectedly.

- Speak naturally with our son about what concerns him.

- Say "I don't know" without fear, absolutely nothing happens if we do not know how to respond.

- Convey our thoughts to the child or beliefs in a normalized way while emphasizing that there is no absolute truth.

- Encourage you to think and reflect with the purpose of drawing their own conclusions to later put them in common, dialogue and debate about them.

- Encourage the child feel free to discover for yourself what is the meaning of your life. We can help you find it by making you think. For example: is there something that you are passionate about or that makes you enjoy a lot? When are you really happy? And, if you had a magic wand and you could dedicate yourself to doing anything in the world, what would you do?

There are as many ways to be happy and to give meaning to life as there are people in the world. Each person has a different way of interpreting the world and living in it. And, of course, none is better than another but simply different.

If each adult person has our own meaning in life, why not let the children find theirs? Be generous and allow them to seek what is the meaning of their life without pretending that they assume ours is the best option to raise happy children.

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