Girls are the ones who suffer the most from Internet harassment

Girls are the ones who suffer the most from Internet harassment

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Bullying between children that was previously limited to school or college is now proliferating on the Internet. An example of this are the innumerable complaints that arrive daily in Protégeles, an NGO that works to improve the safety of minors online, or the terrible statistics that come to us of violence or harassment in Mexico through social networks.

Precisely this NGO Protégeles made a spot famous years ago, which shows how a girl is bullied during a chat she shares with other children on a social network. The aim of the spot is to raise awareness and alert parents and children about the dangers that exist on the Internet, and the need for greater parental involvement and control so that their children enjoy safer browsing. It also highlights that girls are the ones who suffer the most from Internet harassment.

This video is a few years old (it's from 2009), but it explains very clearly what happens when other boys 'play' (in their own way) with a girl through social media. While they are having fun, the victim suffers all kinds of humiliations. A type of violence that grows without stopping and that can lead to harassment and cyberbullying.

Violence, humiliation and a lot of cruelty. Social networks are used on many occasions as terrible harassment tools. The main victims, the girls. In Mexico, it is estimated that 6 out of 10 girls are insulted, threatened or humiliated ever for any of the social networks you use. And although the age of highest peak of cyberbullying continues to be 13 years old (according to the NGO Protégeles), complaints of bullying are being collected at an earlier age.

New technologies are double-edged weapons. They provide us with many advantages and make life easier, yes, but they also show their terrible negative side: bullying, which used to be located in a specific place (the classroom), and which now also extends to homes, 24 hours a day of the day. Without truce. Without a rest.

Many boys, and especially girls, are harassed mercilessly through social media. Also through instant messaging applications. According to ANAR, an NGO concerned about the safety of the little ones, the most common form of cyberbullying nowadays is exercised through WhatsApp, one of the most used instant messaging applications in Spain.

However, in England, the main cyberbullying channel comes through Instagram, a fact that the NGO Ditch denounces.

Once again it becomes clear the important work of parents and educators, to prevent, to locate, to stop any hint of bullying or cyberbullying, either in the classroom or through social networks. The base goes through an education based on values ​​such as respect and tolerance, and on more severe judicial measures on bullying issues. Let's all stop harassment.

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