Tongue twister games for kids

Tongue twister games for kids

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There are many kinds: long, short, fun, impossible to pronounce, and even to be able to play. Tongue twisters are a great alternative to a boring afternoon, and a way to have fun with the family.

In We show you the most appropriate tongue twister games for children.

With them you can throw yourself to play with the palms of your hands, to jump rope or simply to sing a song where your tongue constantly gets stuck. Linguistic mazes where to laugh with your children and who come from popular culture.

Retailas and games to challenge the mind and the tongue.

Do you dare with these tongue twister games for kids?

There is a square,

in the square there is a corner,

in the corner there is a house,

in the house there is a room,

in the room there is a bed,

on the bed there is a mat,

on the mat there is a rod,

on the rod there is a parrot,

in the parrot there is a rod,

the rod on the mat,

the mat on the bed,

on the bed there is a piece,

in the room there is a house,

in the house there is a corner,

and in the corner there is a bed.

A lemon and a half lemon,

two lemons and half a lemon,

three lemons and half a lemon,

four lemons and half a lemon,

five lemons and half a lemon ...

The land for plants,

Plants for flowers,

the flowers for the girl,

the girl for the boy,

the boy for work,

I work for the donkey,

the donkey for the load,

the load for firewood,

the wood for the fire,

the fire for the pan,

the paila for the arepa,

the arepa to eat,

eat to live,

live to fight,

And fight to die

Lola died, who is Lola?

Lola Mento, who is Mento?

Mento beats, who is Late?

Late coco, who is Coco?

Cocosete, who is Sete?

Setemete, who is Mete?

Meteor, who is Gold?

Pure gold, who is Pure?

Pure bread, who is Pan?

Panpero, who is Pero?

But lito, who is Lito?

Your grandpa.

Through the seas of China,

from the China of Beijing,

a china chincha a lot

with a little reed.

The one who catches him crushes

and shakes the toupee

and pokes him with thumbtacks

and steals his loot,

or iron the bumps

while crashing so chinchín.

Side, ledo, lido, mud, ludo,

say it backwards I doubt it,

Ludo, mud, lido, ledo, side,

What work it has cost me!

On Monday he told Tuesday,

to go home on Wednesday

for me to ask Thursday

if it was true that Friday

he told saturday

that Sunday was a holiday.

One, hurt,

cloth, catola,

Quile quilete,

there was the queen

in your cabinet,

Gil came

and put out the lamp.

Candil lamp,

count twenty,

that the twenty are: police and thief.

One Two Three,....

Don Federico lost his wallet

to marry a seamstress,

the seamstress lost her thimble

to marry a general,

the general lost his sword

to marry a beautiful lady,

the beautiful lady lost her fan

to marry Don Federico,

Don Federico lost his eye

to marry a louse,

the louse lost its leg

to marry a tick,

the tick lost its tail

to marry a pepsi-cola,

the pepsi-cola lost its bubbles

to marry a bad witch,

the bad witch lost her kitty

to marry Don Federico,

Don Federico said no,

And the bad witch cast a curse

the next day I leave yes,

and the bad witch laughed,


Tongue twisters have been made to unlock the tongue.

Long tongues are needed so as not to twist,

whoever does not have a long tongue,

with tongue twisters you can unlock your tongue.

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