10 tips to buy the baby stroller

10 tips to buy the baby stroller

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When buying the baby stroller, it is convenient to take into account several considerations so as not to spend more than necessary or to buy a stroller or accessories that in the end we will hardly use. It is one of the items with the highest initial outlay when the baby arrives.

New mothers and fathers let ourselves be carried away by impulses and buy baby carriages without really thinking about how practical they can become for our day to day.

1- We must first think about what it is the right size for the cart according to the size of our home and our vehicle, since many of them, although very beautiful or comfortable, are not practical to enter the elevator, climb the stairs, or fold them and put them in the trunk of our car.

2- It is convenient to notice in the weight of the cart, not only of the chassis, but of the entire stroller, also taking into account that to that weight we will have to add the extras that we will add to the weight of the stroller such as the baby's bag, or our own bag that we will end up hanging on the cart and that will add weight to be able to move it comfortably. Umbrella-style folding chairs tend to have a much lower weight than trio chairs.

3- It is recommended assess whether we need what is called a trio: a carrycot, a car seat or ‘egg’ and a chair, or if on the contrary we do not need so many accessories. The egg or car seat is essential if you are going to travel in the vehicle with the baby, and it can also be used to move the little one in the seat in the first months, as long as we are not going to have the baby for more than an hour and media in it, to avoid postural asphyxia, which can lead to the death of the baby. The carrycot can be of help in the event that we travel a lot with the baby to be able to use it as a cradle, as it is smaller in size than cribs, the baby will feel more comfortable in it, although this carrycot will only serve us during the first few months of the baby's life, due to its size. The chair is essential for walking with the baby, it is convenient to know if they are bidirectional, if we can put them with the baby towards us, or with the baby facing the outside, for our comfort and also that of our child.

4- Trio cars can have a price of between 300 and up to 1500 euros depending on the model and brand. These cars have little wear and tear and we can find good opportunities in good condition on the second hand market.

5- It is convenient to assess, the folding chairs, umbrella type, Approved to be used from 0 months, since they can be fully reclined, which can be very useful in these cases. These chairs can be used from birth to beyond 3 years. They are smaller in size, more manageable and easier to fold and transport. These chairs usually cost between 50 and 400 euros. In the second-hand market it is more difficult to find chairs of these characteristics in good condition because they are used a lot and for a long time, so they wear out more.

6- As for the wheels, we can choose the car with 3 wheels that are more manageable when turning or 4 wheels with which the car has greater stability.

7- We have to assess whether we want a pole or running handlebar trolley, the latter is more useful for heavier carts.

8- If you plan to have more children in a short period of time, it is convenient to assess that the stroller allows you to add a complement to carry a newborn and his brother.

9- Regarding the accessories, it is advisable to assess a good large canopy that easily covers the baby in order to avoid the annoying umbrella that is attached to the structure of the car.

10- It is important test the car before buying it to see how we deal with it, and assess what guarantee the brand offers in case of any inconvenience.

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