The princess and the star. Traditional poems for children

The princess and the star. Traditional poems for children

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This is one of the traditional poetry for children most emblematic of Ruben Dario. His high sensitivity and simplicity when writing for children make him one of the reference poets 19th century.

Through his poetry, Rubén Dario immerses us in romantic, fantastic and magical worlds, with oriental influences. Elves, fairies, magicians, kings, princes and princesses often appear in his poems.

This poem is dedicated to Margaret Debayle, daughter of his friend Dr. Debayle.

Margarita is beautiful the sea,

and the wind carries a subtle essence of orange blossom;

I feel in my soul a lark sing;

your accent:

Margarita, I'm going to tell you a story:

* * *

This was a King what had

a palace of diamonds,

a tent made of day

and a herd of elephants,

a malachite kiosk,

a large tissue blanket,

and a gentle little princess,

so pretty,

Daisy flower,

as cute as you.

One afternoon the princess

saw a star Appear;

the princess was naughty

and he wanted to go get her.

I wanted her to make her

decorate a pin,

with a verse and a pearl

and a feather and a flower.

The gorgeous princesses

they look a lot like you:

they cut lilies, they cut roses,

they cut stars. They are like this.

Well the beautiful girl left,

under the sky and over the sea,

to cut the white star

That made her sigh

And went on up

by the moon and beyond;

but the bad thing is that she went

without dad's permission.

When he was back

of the Lord's parks,

she looked all wrapped up

in a sweet glow.

And the king said, 'What have you done to yourself?

I have looked for you and I did not find you;

and what do you have on your chest

what you can be seen on?».

The princess was not lying.

And so he told the truth:

«I went to cut my star

to vastness blue».

And the king cries out: «Have I not told you

that blue should not be cut ?.

What madness! What a whim! ...

The Mister he is going to get angry».

And she says, 'There was no attempt;

I left I don't know why.

For the waves by the wind

I went to the star and cut it.

And the dad says angrily:

«You must have a punishment:

return to heaven and stolen it

you are now going to return ».

The princess is saddened

for your sweet flower of light,

when then it appears

smiling the Good Jesus.

And so he says: «In my countryside

that rose I offered him;

They are my girls flowers

that when they dream they think of me ».

Dress the king shiny bubbles,

and then parade

four hundred elephants

by the sea.

The little princess is beautiful

well you already have the pin

in what they shine, with the star,

verse, pearl, feather and flower.

* * *

Margarita, the sea is beautiful,

and the wind

It has a subtle essence of orange blossom:

your breath.

Since you're going to be far from me,

save, girl, a gentle thought

that one day he wanted to tell you

a story.

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