Toxic shock syndrome in girls

Toxic shock syndrome in girls

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The average age of the appearance of the first menstruation of girls is 12 years, at that age they are still very young girls and those first months are very uncomfortable and annoying to carry for a mind as immature as that of a 12 year old girl.

Therefore, the hygiene during that period it must be extreme. We must try to make girls aware of the importance of taking care of themselves from that moment, and offer the alternatives of absorption of menstruation more suitable for every age.

The toxic shock syndrome is an unlikely disease that can appear with the use of tampons, but that should be known to prevent it.

It is common for girls to feel that new changes in their bodies complicate their lives; from now on they have to be aware of when the period will come, and to wear absorbents so that they are not caught by surprise.

Therefore, one of the most used methods are tampons. More comfortable than compresses, they allow greater mobility, and even be able to bathe in pools. However the toxic shock syndrome it is a disease that is linked to its use.

It is true that not only does it appear with the use of tampons, but it can also affect people with other types of conditions such as pneumonia, septicemia, or any open wound susceptible to infection, but 50% of the cases are associated with them or with contraceptive methods such as absorbent sponge or diaphragm.

Toxic shock syndrome or TSS is a rare, severe infection, caused by bacteria Staphylococcus aureus (often referred to as staph) and Streptococcus pyogenes (often referred to as streptococcus), and most cases are related to staph bacteria.

The first symptoms they are sudden fever, feeling faint, headaches, vomiting, confusion, muscle aches, or diarrhea.

If the girl has any of these symptoms it is vital to take her as soon as possible to the doctor to quickly stop the infection, since, although it is cured with antibiotics, it can be fatal if not treated.

It has been observed that it usually appears in cases where they are used tampons too long or with an absorption higher than recommended. So, we must explain to the girl that the best thing is to prevent and that we can avoid a possible infection if we are careful with the intimate hygiene hereinafter.

- Wash your hands well before and after inserting tampons.

- Always wear a lower absorbency.

- In the last days it is better to use another alternative to tampons such as compresses.

- Use the menstrual cup, instead of tampons.

- Do not store tampons in hot places like the bathroom, since bacteria proliferate more.

- If you have already had TSS you cannot use tampons again.

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