Benefits of nature for children

Benefits of nature for children

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The rhythm of today's society makes us slaves of schedules, we away from the natural environment and it directs us towards a world where new technologies are the basis of the scarce time we have.

Since we were little, does our gaze not see beyond what our visual angle allows us? Do we overlook to observe carefully what that gaze teaches us? Sometimes a second is enough to listen, to fix the attention and value every detail, gesture, sound, shape or color, this is a sample of thebenefits of nature in children.

We are accomplices, in the daily activity, of the resource abandonment looking beyond what the natural environment offers us, hindering or even stopping investigation, observation, experimentation and manipulation as a starting point for optimal learning. This learning, based on the natural and temporal evolution of the brain, goes beyond the relationship between letters, numbers, contents and programming contained in millions of papers that the classrooms contain.

The brain-learning tandem implies a process where the whole organism is involved and directed towards a certain goal, although it is the brain that acts as a receptor and filter of stimuli, information processor, registry and database, issuer of responses and skill development and / or capabilities, thus allowing learning and teaching at the same time thanks to the neural network. This neural network is built gradually, and as such the learning proposals must be developed.

In ripening, up to 6 years of age approximately, the benefits of nature in children are very great, since the natural environment acts as a fundamental tool for sensory exploration, enrichment and control of movement, improvement of self-control and the ability to focus attention and respect. The same natural environment, in which neuronal interconnection is defined in the early stages of development, is what allows learn to relate, to observe, to think in a reasoned way and to feel good about yourself. This continuous interaction with the natural environment activates the gear of the neural network, thus allowing a child to exercise responsibility, freedom and security in future stages of maturation.

Encourage the interaction of the little ones with the natural environment favors autonomy, understanding and relationship, initiative, research, analysis and critical spirit from its early stages of development.

Author: Patricia Barranco

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