Fun tongue twisters for kids

Fun tongue twisters for kids

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Tongue twisters are complicated word games that will make us laugh with our children while teaching them vocabulary and they exercise the language.

They are excellent allies for the children to whom they find it hard to pronounce certain words: with them they exercise the lingual muscles and practice the most difficult letters to pronounce.

Here we leave you the more fun tongue twisters for kids.

Challenge your children to recite these tongue twisters. Some are difficult and some are easier, but all of them are fun to say.

Don't let your tongue get stuck with these tongue twisters.

Parakeet the bandit got into a hat.

The hat was made of straw, it was put in a box.

The box was cardboard, it was put in a drawer.

The drawer was pine, he got into a cucumber.

The comb matured and Parakeet ran away.

Doctor doctor, formulate it and cancel it.

The cat scratches the spider and

the spider scratches the cat

poor cat the spider scratches him

poor spider the cat scratches him.

One proposes, another disposes,

the groom arrives and breaks it down.

The last trip I brought a suit,

and I told Maju take off your bandage!

that you are going modeling,

but have courage and leave

your luggage in the garage.

As I did not bring, I did not swim anything.

The swallow dragon swallowed coal,

and was paunchy.

Paunchy was the dragon for greed.

What a greedy dragon!

Three sad trapeze artists with three pieces of cloth

they make gruesome traps

because they climb the trapeze by rags and not by ropes.

Through the seas of China,

from Beijing China,

a china chincha a lot

with a little reed.

The one who catches him crushes

and shakes the toupee

and pokes him with thumbtacks

and steals his loot,

or iron the bumps

while crashing so chinchín.

A lemon and a half lemon,

two lemons and half a lemon,

three lemons and half a lemon,

four lemons and half a lemon,

five lemons and half a lemon ...

Is love a madness,

that neither the priest cures it,

and if the priest cures him

It is a madness of the priest.

Every time I take a bath I hurt myself

that's why I take a bath once a year.

Pedrito farted,

the fart that Pedrito threw

it smelled very ugly,

how ugly his little fart smelled,

Pedrito kept it on his ass.

Why is the bed called a bed,

and to the dresser,

being the dresser less comfortable than the bed,

and the bed more comfortable than the dresser?

How much wood would a rodent gnaw on

if rodents gnawed on wood.

The governess Miss Tres-tros,

he has stumbled,

to go up to 32

instead of 33.

Toto drinks tea, Tina drinks mate,

and I drink my whole cup of chocolate.

Francisco was looking in the forest for such a sharp-eyed Basque,

that when he saw him a funny man said:

What a sharp-eyed Basque!

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