A baby costs about 8 thousand euros in its first year of life

A baby costs about 8 thousand euros in its first year of life

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Babies bring joys, fulfill dreams, and they change the life of the whole family, but all that has a price. Babies generate expenses even before they are born: clothing, furniture, accessories, etc., and when the baby is born these expenses skyrocket.

Milk, diapers, medicines, toys, and everything that goes with caring for a baby. And if they are twins or twins, multiply everything by two, by three or more. Eight thousand euros is what it means that a middle class family has to disburse during the first year life of a baby. At least in Melilla, Spain, where, after a comparison of prices between various childcare establishments, this conclusion was reached.

Parents are always willing to offer the best for your children. Already in its first day of life, the baby needs diapers, cosmetics, clothes and food. Considering that today most mothers do not breastfeed their children, milk consumption skyrockets. The price of formula milk, bought in supermarkets or pharmacies, varies between 17 and 25 euros for a package of half a kilo.

And the diapers? Well, it's what parents spend the most money on. A package of 36 units can cost between 5 and 25 euros. Considering that a baby needs an average of five diapers a day, he will spend approximately 1,500 euros in diapers in its first year of life.

When the baby is still very young, many parents choose to keep it in their room at night. This way it is more comfortable for them to give him the bottle at night and attend him in what he needs more quickly. For that, some install a cradle which can cost between 150 and 300 euros. Then when the baby grows up the parents will pass it on to the crib, which means an expense between 200 and 600 euros, and only for two or three more years, when the child will already have his bed.

And if we talk about decoration, accessories for the crib and for the bathroom, surveillance systems, of strollers, car seat, walker, bags, pacifiers, etc., the figures are tripled.

Nowadays, to have a baby you should not only think about the type of education that they want to give, or in the values ​​that they intend to transmit to the little one. It must ttake into account expenses that they are going to have. The children's world is no longer what it was a few years ago. The huge range of products, brands, tides parents who, apart from the money they must spend, waste time choosing what to buy. Price can be a determining factor.

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