10 Chinese names for girls

10 Chinese names for girls

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It is not always easy to choose the name of the baby because of the many options there are. There are families who prefer to resort to traditional names and always, but others prefer to innovate and look for a more modern and original name for their baby.

One of the most interesting options are chinese names because they are original, novel and have the most eloquent meanings. Also, many Chinese names are unisex and work for both boys and girls. This is our list of 10 Chinese names for girls.

1. Shui. It is a very popular name that means 'Water'. In the West it is still quite unknown, but it will soon become a trend for its musicality and that sophisticated touch that it possesses.

2. Mulan. We know this name which means 'magnolia' thanks to a cartoon movie. It is inevitable not to associate the name with the bravery and courage of Princess Mulan.

3. Xiang. The name is well known in China and means 'fragrance'. Due to the meaning of its name, it is possible that it will soon become one of those indispensable names for those families looking for exotic and original names.

4. Mei. This Mei, which means 'beautifull'. Its meaning is ideal for your girl and also has the charm of simple names without fanfare.

5. Wen. This Chinese name is one of the most eloquent and appropriate for your girl. It means 'Elegant' and like it for its musicality, full of forcefulness and personality.

6. Yun. With one of the most beautiful meanings as it is 'cloud', this name is a safe bet for your girl. It is an exotic name without falling into the eccentric and its pronunciation is already very familiar.

7. Lian. This for girl has a very attractive meaning as it is 'lotus'. A flower name with a touch of the most elegant and distinguished. In addition, its pronunciation is not strange, so it is already a very familiar name.

8. Lixue. Names of Chinese origin are names with beautiful meanings like this one from 'snow'. It is perfect for a girl born in winter and we like it for its delicate musicality.

9. Xiao. This name means 'dawn'. With such a beautiful meaning and such delicate musicality, it is not surprising that it is one of the most popular names in China and with the possibility of becoming a frequent name in the West as well.

10. Maylin. The name means 'jade'. It is one of the most desired names for girls because it is familiar to us. It has a touch of delicacy and sophistication that is impossible to resist.

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