Laptops cause infertility in men

Laptops cause infertility in men

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A good friend told me yesterday after hearing the news: 'I avoid sitting with the laptop on my lap because, soon after, I feel a discomfort that causes discomfort in my testicles. And it doesn't just happen to me. Sometimes I have discussed it with my friends and colleagues, and they tell me that the same thing happens to them. I am not surprised by the result of the investigation. '

And is that if until now use very tight pants, spending too many hours behind the wheel or sitting in the habit of cross your legs were the best known causes of overheating the scrotum, today the new technologies they can also affect male fertility. The habit of surfing with the laptop on the lap can be dangerous for the future sperm quality.

This has been assured by a group of scientists from the urology service from New York University, USA, which argues that prolonged use of laptops on the lap can have a damaging effect in their reproductive health. Teenagers and young men, who use laptops multiple times a day for many years, face the greatest risks.

The study, carried out with 29 young men between the ages of 20 and 35, has shown that it is sufficient to use a laptop for about 10-15 minutes on the lap so that the scrotal temperature rises and exceed the safety limit. In one hour, the ascent reaches 2.5 degrees, and is considered dangerous. The fact that the testicles are outside the body helps to keep their temperature lower than the 37 C average body temperature, which allows the sperm production.

Therefore, the study authors wanted to make it clear that the hyperthermia in the scrotum It is produced both by adopting a certain posture of the body, and by the local heating derived from the laptops. For users of this and other practices, the good news is that effects of testicular hyperthermia are temporary and they remit when heat dissipation is allowed.

However, to get an idea of ​​the heat generated by a computer, keep in mind that in operation and simply connected to the Internet and with an open text editor, the temperature of the device is around 40 C, but if we demand more, you can easily get to exceed 70 C.

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