Vowels. Children's poetry about letters

Vowels. Children's poetry about letters

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If your child is in the process of learning vowels, we suggest that you recite this original nursery rhyme about letters. Vowels is a short poem for children to learn in a fun way.

Poems are a great educational resource so that children can acquire knowledge in an entertaining and easy way, and all this while they enter the wonderful world of poetry.

I study the vowels:

origin of light,

I study the vowels

that you also study.

A is the first

that I could learn,

with A starts Ala

now I know.

The E is the second ...

How nice it is to know!

And the thin vowel

You know, boy, what is it?

The I is the third,

the O follows after.

I like to review them

over, over and over.

The last of all

I know you know it.

The last of all ...

Yes, it is the vowel U.

Author: Alberto Jirón. Children's literature writer

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