Why keep children away from lead

Why keep children away from lead

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"It's a lead!" With that phrase the neighbor sentenced a child who did not stop tormenting his parents. "Poisonous?" Asked my friend, a mid-level chemistry teacher. "No, heavy," he replied. "For lead should be better known for its detrimental effect on health than due to its specific weight ", he emphasized.

At first the neighbor did not understand what the conversation was about, but my friend took advantage of the didactic vein to comment that the lead is a neurotoxin that can affect the brain and nerves causing learning disorders, hearing problems, growth retardation and digestive discomforts such as abdominal pain, constipation, vomiting, decreased appetite, and weight loss. Other symptoms of lead poisoning in children They can be memory loss, difficulty understanding instructions, hyperactivity, aggressiveness, reduced hand-eye coordination, and anemia. Why keep children away from lead.

Although the scientific investigation advances in this sense, there are still many people who are unaware of the damage caused by this heavy metal, especially in children.

Lead is one of the most frequent companions in our daily lives, it is one of the essential ingredients of various products such as painting of walls and toys, or artificial grass used in kindergartens and sports fields, to name just two of the most widespread examples. Worrisome amounts of lead and other toxins have also been discovered in vinyl bibs, children's jewelry, wooden furniture, and many other products.

The risk of contamination is greater in young children due to immaturity of some of your organs, a circumstance of their age; the greater permeability of their skin and because they have that inevitable "bad habit" of putting objects in the mouth, and this works as an entry route for lead that travels in contaminated dust and also forms small particles to the digestive tract and from there to the blood.

An effective method to reduce the chances that your children will ingest such contaminated dust is clean, daily, with cloths wet surfaces and objects that they touch while playing and crawling, such as floors, baseboards, and window frames. It is also practical wash frequently hands and face - just like children - especially before eating, and keep pacifiers and toys clean.

Doctors assure that healthy children, who carry a diet rich in iron, calcium and low in fat, they tend to absorb lead less; so the intake of eggs, meats, beans and vegetables becomes another of the preventive measures although it is not a treatment for when the disease is established, now that you know why keep children away from lead.

Rosa Mañas. Editor.

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