Ideas of desserts with fruits for Christmas with children

Ideas of desserts with fruits for Christmas with children

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Snowmen They are one of the symbols of Christmas, now you can have them at home with this original dessert. Follow the step-by-step recipe to learn how to make cute snowmen with banana, apple and chocolate for Christmas dinner with the children.

To present an original and colorful dessert, you don't need a lot of skill, you just need a few slices of peaches, currants and cream to create this Christmas flower. Discover this recipe step by step, an ideal dessert to prepare with children at Christmas.

Prepare a sweet Christmas tree with this step by step recipe. Use grapes, banana, currants and chocolate to make a fun and original dessert for Christmas dinner. It is also a fun way to introduce children to grapes to New Years Eve.

Prepare a pot of fruit skewers for the dessert of the Christmas dinner. Learn how to make this recipe step by step, it is very easy! With mango and currants you can create an original Christmas dessert that children will love, they can also help to prepare the recipe.

If your child likes sweet Christmas candy canes, we propose a much healthier and lighter version. Place bananas and unvas to make this original Christmas recipe for the dessert of the Christmas Eve dinner. We explain how to make this recipe step by step.

Do you like Christmas trees? Now you can also make them with fruits following this step by step. Christmas tree recipe with kixi, currants and strawberry, an original and different presentation for the Christmas dinner dessert.

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