Baby's first smile

Baby's first smile

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His smile was a half smile, a lopsided smile. Beautiful, funny, instinctive and sincere. I will never forget my daughter's first smile. And it is that the smile, like the look, it is a distinctive sign of each person, something unrepeatable that makes us unique.

No two smiles are the same. For this reason, the baby's first smile is forever etched on our retina. No parent can ever forget her.

The experts assure that the smile of a newborn is not like that of an adult, which is only a reflex action, without more. That it is not that he is thinking of his mother or dedicates his unconditional love to us in this way. In fact, in some ultrasounds (from 30 weeks) you can see how the fetus smiles when it sleeps. In that case, it may be a reflex action associated with REM sleep (which is when the brain is most active). And they say that it is only from the first month when the baby already begins to respond smiling to certain external stimuli.

That first smile dedicated, full of silent words. That first smile comes to us like a camouflaged hug. And it fills us with heat. The smile before a caress, before a look, communicates as much or more than a word. And if not, here is an example: some parents recorded a beautiful video of their newborn. The baby responds with a wide smile to a caress. And his parents were able to capture that fleeting moment forever.

The smile of a newborn can only express one thing: happiness. Because babies, in their first months of life, only have two ways of communicating with their parents: crying to express that they need help and smiling to make it clear that they are phenomenal.

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