Recipes for babies 6 to 12 months

Recipes for babies 6 to 12 months

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From 6 months, babies begin to experience new flavors and different textures. Little by little, you can introduce fruit, vegetable and meat flavors into your diet. Little ones have a whole world of flavors to discover, especially at this stage where their teeth start to come out and therefore they can try new foods.

In order to provide adequate nutrition for your little one, we will tell you what are the foods that you should provide, according to their age. Take a look at these recipes that we share with you, through which you will be able to know what a good recipes for children 6 to 12 months.

Banana, pear and orange baby porridge

At 6 months, children begin to try fruit foods rich in vitamins little by little, ideal to further develop their sense of taste. Try giving this banana, pear and orange porridge, a very complete food for your baby.

Apple and pear baby food

To complement the feeding of babies, apart from milk you can prepare delicious baby food recipes like this one. The main ingredients are delicious fruits that will provide vitamins and minerals for the little ones.

Multifruit baby food

Apple, pear, banana and orange are the fruits that make up this rich baby food. A varied and healthy recipe to help the correct growth and development of your child. Do you dare to prepare it for your little one?

Mandarin, banana and pear baby food

Did you know that mandarin has multiple benefits in children, such as preventing them from suffering from cardiovascular diseases? Prepare this rich tangerine porridge, which also contains banana and pear; very rich and nutritious fruits for the little ones.

Grape, pear and apple baby food

Promote your child's growth by providing him with a balanced diet. Especially after 6 months it is essential to start showing them new foods that they can enjoy in their day to day life.

Banana, apple and tangerine baby food

As soon as your child's pediatrician indicates it, you can prepare nutritious porridges for your little one either for breakfast or for a snack. This recipe for banana, apple and tangerine porridge is especially nutritious and very complete for the baby.

Cherry, pear and banana baby porridge

To vary the diet of your baby, we show you a very original idea that consists of a cherry, pear and banana porridge. On this occasion, one of the ingredients that attracts the most attention in this recipe is the cherry, a food rich in fiber and with a high content of vitamin A and C.

Carrot puree for babies

A rich tasting porridge for children. This recipe is very attractive to them because of its colorful and smooth texture. Try preparing this recipe for your baby whose star ingredient is carrot, a vegetable full of vitamins and really delicious.

Pumpkin, carrot and potato puree for babies

An easy and quick recipe to prepare for children. It is especially good for preventing constipation thanks to its high fiber content. Do not miss the opportunity to prepare this delicious recipe for your little one, ideal for when he turns 6 months old.

Sweet potato and zucchini puree for babies

This is a different recipe to vary the diet of your little one. One of the ingredients that gives it an exquisite flavor is sweet potato, one of the softest vegetables for babies, which contains numerous antioxidants and beneficial properties to improve the memory of children.

Baby chicken and vegetable puree

During the first months of baby's life, purees are an excellent option to give them new flavors to try. In addition to being very nutritious, they are very easy to prepare and transport if we have the need to leave home. Prepare for your child this rich recipe for pureed vegetables and chicken, rich in vitamins and proteins!

Zucchini puree for babies

To introduce the little ones to the world of vegetables, we present a recipe for zucchini puree that we are sure they will enjoy very much. In addition to having a very good flavor, you can prepare this puree for your baby in just a few steps. You dare?

Broccoli puree for babies

Broccoli has properties that help children avoid constipation, strengthens bones and is very good for the heart. Prepare this nutritious puree for children so that they can enjoy all its benefits.

Green bean puree for babies

A green bean puree, accompanied by potatoes, leeks and carrots. To make this recipe you simply have to cook all the ingredients and blend them with a blender or food processor. It couldn't be easier!

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