Story of the dog Noa. Children's story of dogs

Story of the dog Noa. Children's story of dogs

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When a child grows up with a pet, be it a dog or a cat, he assumes the animal as a member of the family from an early age. He worries if he gets sick, has fun when they play and feels accompanied and safe when they are together.

If you have a puppy at home, we suggest you read this cute story for children about dogs. It tells the story of the dog, Noa, the beloved pet of some children who, suddenly one fine day, does not come to greet them when they return from school. Noa is lost and the children don't know what to do to find her. What happened? Did they find her? Find out in this cute children's story about pets.

When Carlos got home and Noa didn't come out to greet him like she did every day, he was surprised. He searched under the beds, behind the doors, even inside the closets, hoping to find her lively eyes, but Noa was not in the house.

He went out into the street looking in all directions. He was asking the people he met on the way, but no one had seen the dog, it was as if the earth had swallowed her. Noa had disappeared.

The dog always sensed the arrival of the children and, when they came from school, she barked and wagged her tail, jumping happily from one side to the other at the front door.

Nicolás, Ian and Diego looked puzzled that afternoon when they did not see her arrive and shouted:

- Noa, pretty! Where are you?

In his place appeared his father with a serious face.

"I've been looking for her all morning," she said, when I got home early she was gone.

The children dropped their backpacks on the floor and flopped down on the couch.

Noa was a four-month-old puppy. One afternoon they were going for a walk and they found her moaning behind some bushes on the ground. Her little white body with black spots, her long ears, her little snout, was not of any special race but they loved her from that moment. They named her Noa and she became part of the family. They put a basket on the door of the children's room so that she would not feel lonely after feeding her a bottle of milk.

In the morning she woke the children up with licks to say good morning and everything was laughter since the dog came home.

Now the desolate children looked at the ground saddened.

"I don't think I could have gotten very far," said the father, doubting himself.

- We will leave a note for Mom and go out to find her.

The little ones immediately got up excited.

They went out into the street and started shouting:

"Noa, Noa! Where are you?" Not!

They were looking in each portal, in each corner, they asked all the people they saw in their path, but the dog still did not appear. Soon it began to get dark, it was cold, the snow that had fallen in the morning was beginning to freeze and, suddenly, Diego's teeth began to chatter. Carlos's words echoed in the children's ears when he said:

- We have to go home.

- Noooo! - Said the brothers protesting at the same time.

- Please, Dad, one more time! - Ian said pleadingly.

- It can't be, it's too late and you're going to get sick if we continue on the street. - He said, tomorrow we will continue looking for her.

It took them more than an hour to get home.

When they arrived they were very tired. Ana, his mother, was waiting at the door and hugged them tightly.

- Come on guys - he said, tomorrow we will put posters of Noa all over the city and she will appear.

They drank a glass of milk in their pajamas and went to bed faint.

It took them a long time to fall asleep thinking about how shivering the dog must be going through on such a cold night and wishing with all their might that she would soon be playing with them.

"I can't explain where he has been able to escape," said Carlos.

"We're going to rest, tomorrow is going to be a very long day," Ana answered.

In the early morning, something woke Nicolás. He opened his eyes sleepily, sat up and shook the body of his deeply asleep brother.

- Ian, listen! Do you hear that?

The two were silent.

- I don't hear anything, let me sleep! - He said, but suddenly:

- Crunch, zap, crasch, zap, zap ...

The noises were coming from the kitchen. Diego also woke up with the whispers.

In single file, hand in hand, they walked out into the hall and crossed the room lit by the street-corner lamp.

Ana also woke up scared and called Carlos alarmed.

- What happens? - He said sleepily.

- Can't you hear? Someone is in the house!

They got up trying to make as little noise as possible. Ana behind Carlos, clinging to her pajama jacket, followed his steps.

- Aaaaaah! - They all yelled as they collided in the dark in the hall.

- What a scare you have not given!

- What are you doing up at this time? - said the parents giving birth.

Nicolás pointed a finger at them in the direction of the kitchen and said:

- We heard noises.

Everyone was silent again. Suddenly, they heard them again and, indeed, they seemed to come out of there.

- Crunch, zap, crasch, zap, zap ...

Carlos was the first to enter the kitchen, he looked around the room but no one was there. This time he heard moans that seemed to come from the washing machine. She bent down slowly, opened the door and, there was the dog trying to get out very nervous and scared, sliding over and over again on the drum.

- Guys, guys! Look what we have here! "" He said as he took the dog out into a ball.

Noa feeling free at last ran happily to lick the children on their bare feet. Ian and Nicolás looked still in disbelief, while Diego cried hugging his mother.

Everyone caressed the dog who, showing her joy, jumped and wagged her tail incessantly running from one side of the kitchen to the other.

- What a scare you have given us Noa! - Nicolás said about to cry.

- Don't do this again! - Ian said while Diego continued pouting.

They took the dog to the basket at the door of his room. Noa immediately curled up in a ball and calmed down knowing it was time to sleep.

The three little ones hugged each other laughing and high-fived their palms before getting into bed happily.

- Lets go to bed! Carlos said tiredly.

- Yes, said Ana yawning clinging to her waist.

And they went back to sleep happily knowing that the dog Noa was now safe at home.

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