The surprising reasons why more boys than girls are born in the world

The surprising reasons why more boys than girls are born in the world

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Since the first study on births according to gender was carried out in the 17th century, it has been proven over the years that, although birth between boys and girls is almost very equal, the truth is that there is a slight tilt in favor of males.

For centuries more boys than girls have been born on earth. The reasons are very surprising and have to do with the human evolution along the history.

The difference is really very small, about 107 boys for every 100 girls, and in general, there are also more adult men than women, but those differences are basically cultural.

In some countries like China, when some women get pregnant with a girl, it is a great disgrace, because girls do not produce benefits for families and they are expensive to maintain, so they decide not to continue the pregnancy or get rid of the baby at birth, but this percentage of female deaths is hardly significant in the population.

The fact that there is higher male mortality due to wars and diseases, although it is not the main reason, despite the fact that the shots go there.

So why does this continuing trend of a greatest birth of children over time? What are the causes of more males being born than females?

Nature is very wise and when it comes to save on resources, is the first to join the car. So, although in a first conception there is a 50% probability of having equally girls than boys, there is also a increased chance of losing the baby before birth when it comes to a girl.

On the other hand, another study shows that, in times of crisis and food shortages, More girls are born than boys, as female embryos are believed to be less demanding than male ones.

But really, the main reason why more boys are born than girls in the world, is due to a biological cause resource economy. That is, males are very expensive to maintain, since, in general, they consume many natural resources to sustain a body much larger than that of females; And, to add insult to injury, they are competitive with each other, which causes them to expend more energy and the result may be the death of one of them, which nature interprets as a lost natural heritage loan.

In short, nature is much better at making girls than boys, but since boys are necessary to procreate and tend to die more, it tips the balance slightly in their favor to compensate for possible losses.

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