Reiki for children and babies

Reiki for children and babies

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Reiki is a millenary therapeutic technique without side effects or contraindications that acts on the energy system of the individual. The word Reiki comes from Japanese and means universal vital energy, and it is a form of alternative medicine developed by the Japanese doctor Mikao Usui in the 1920s. It is based on the transfer of energy.

The Reiki therapist uses the hands to capture external energy and channel it to other people who perceive it as tingling, hot or cold. It is used to treat illnesses or emotional disorders. Can reiki be used for children and babies?, How it is performed? We clarify it on site.

Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment nor is it a form of diagnosis, but its benefits can be a complementary measure since it has no side effects.

As it is universal, it can be imparted to adults, children, babies and also plants and animals, transmitting peace, tranquility and pain reduction.

Reiki treatment is used in children when they are suffering from a family situation that causes fear or insecurity, such as separation from their parents, also to help children who have nightmares or suffer from insomnia, or for situations of children who are shy or hyperactivity.

- Through the energy that we can transmit through our hands, it can be achieved, according to some voices, that the most little ones sleep better, calm down, reduce their irritability, or even eat better.

- Through Reiki for children and babies we can help them manage stress, as it helps them to calm down, relieving anxieties, fears, headaches, teething or otitis among others.

- At present it is also used to help autistic children and also in the case of children suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. Its use is positive in the case of children with difficulty concentrating. It helps children learn to know and manage their emotions, helping them to know themselves. It helps them to communicate more affectionately and also to develop empathy.

- In the case of younger children it is recommended that the sessions be of short duration of no more than 20 minutes, and in the case of babies it is recommended to take advantage of the times when they are asleep so they can take it to cabo.

- There is no specific age to start reiki for children, it can be applied even in pregnant women towards the baby, since they have no contraindications.

- Although there is no scientific evidence of this treatment, the use of Reiki is already a reality in hospitals in several countries, especially in the US and the UK, although it is also used in Argentina, Germany and Canada among others , since it is a low-cost method that contributes to improving patient care, especially in the areas of Oncology, Surgery, Pain Treatment, Alzheimer's or HIV.

In other countries, on the contrary, its advantages are questioned, prohibiting its use in public health centers.

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