5 commandments of the feeding of the child in the Nursery School

5 commandments of the feeding of the child in the Nursery School

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It is vitally important that, from a very young age, both parents and nursery schools provide children a good education in nutrition, as this will lay the foundation for the adoption of healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

Lunch time in nursery school is an ideal space for this learning in babies and children. While they eat, they learn many skills: from chewing, swallowing and handling food, to discovering different smells, textures and flavors in order to gradually incorporate them into the child's daily diet. Therefore, it is important that the center has a good introduction of the different foods in order to guarantee babies and children all the necessary nutrients for their bodies. Pay attention, because these must be the 5 commandments of feeding the child in the Nursery School.

It is very important that children adopt good healthy habits when they are young in order to ensure optimal health during growth. In no time, children discover a host of flavors, textures, and smells new to them.

Eating in a group in schools encourages that, on many occasions, all children eat everything even if they do not like it because they are motivated by seeing others and eat by imitation. In addition to very balanced menus validated by dieticians-nutritionists. That said, what are the commandments of feeding the child in the Nursery School ?:

1. Among many actions that enhance the Mediterranean diet, highlights the introduction of some organic foods progressively in each of the menus and the promotion of healthy and oil-free cooking.

2. The textures of the menu must be very well studied so that the consistency adapts to each stage of the baby or child.

3. Another aspect that should be taken into account in schools are children's chewing rhythms, creating the premise that each child is unique and different. For this reason, in children's centers, educators must be very patient and dedicate the necessary time to each child.

4. You must always respect the child's satiety since if it is not respected, it can eat more than normal and in a certain way it may be inducing itself to always eat more than is needed.

5. On the other hand, the center must ensure that its combinations of dishes offer a gastronomic variety neither too dense nor too soft for the little diners.

Roser Montané Prats- Nemomarlin nursery school nutritionist

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