Why wait until week 37 in twin pregnancies

Why wait until week 37 in twin pregnancies

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What is the best week for twins to be born? Until now, twin deliveries are normally early at week 35 to avoid possible complications that could endanger the babies' lives. However, a recent study has just pointed to the most favorable week for the delivery of twins: week 37. We explain Why Doctors Recommend Waiting Until Week 37 In Twin Pregnancies .

Researchers from Ramón y Cajal Institute (Madrid, Spain) studied the cases of more than 35,000 twin pregnancies. Most came with two placentas. Only just over 5,000 were twin pregnancies with a single placenta. All of them, yes, were uncomplicated twin pregnancies, and that exceeded week 34 of gestation.

What the researchers wanted was to look at newborn mortality rates in all of these cases. They discovered that Until week 37, the infant's mortality rates remained stable, while from week 37, it increased by 0.9%.

According to the physicians who participated in the study, these results mainly address cases of twin pregnancies with two placentas, since they consider that not enough cases of twin pregnancy with a single placenta have been studied to make a decisive conclusion .

The conclusion? Doctors recommend waiting until week 37 in twin pregnancies. It is also decided to try a natural birth in twin pregnancies as long as the first baby is embedded and comes head first. However, and despite the fact that it is better to try to ensure that babies are in their mother's womb for as long as possible, each professional will make the appropriate decisions, since each pregnancy, twin or not, has certain characteristics.

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