The post-it technique to generate positive thinking in children

The post-it technique to generate positive thinking in children

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Nothing like waking up to a happy tune, a smile, and a positive message. Nothing like optimism to face the day, right? Life looks different and it seems as if positively charged air floods everything at every turn. Positive thinking, yes, can make a day change completely. Also, of course, a behavior.

I'm going to set my daughter as an example, as she is the spirit of personalized positive thinking. One day I discovered his room covered with post-it notes and notes full of positive messages. One day it was two notes ... then three ... And in the end, a dozen optimistic messages flooded the wall and the furniture of his room. 'How curious', I thought. I have decided to name this technique as Post-it technique to generate positive thinking in children.

Without a doubt, it is the simplest, most direct and practical technique that you will find when it comes to instilling large doses of self-esteem in your child. Because a motivating word or phrase in time can be stronger and more effective than many other therapies ...

The post-it technique for generating positive thinking in children consists of to write positive phrases on different colored post-its or notes and with different markers. Phrases that move your child to think that yes, he can do it and that yes, it is worth a lot. Phrases that inspire you when taking a path or help you maintain a fixed goal. Phrases like these:

- 'You can do it'

- 'You are a sun'

- 'You are worth a lot'

- 'Of course you can'

Or more elaborate phrases:

- 'Success is the sum of small repeated efforts'

- 'The way to success is attitude'

- 'Today's gonna be a good day'

- 'If you can dream it you can do it'

Once your child creates his own phrases on colored post-its, or small pieces of paper, He puts them in his room, in a well visible place: wall, desk, cabinets ...

Every time you start to do your homework, to study ... Every time you get up, you will see your phrase, right there. It may seem too simple, but You will not believe how effective the self-belief that that day yesIt is different, that day, yes, it will be fantastic. That is the day, you can get what you set out to do. Life changes a lot depending on the color of the glass you look at.

The attitude is decisive when it comes to achieving goals in life. It is not the same to start a game thinking that you can win than to start with fear thinking that you can lose. Without a doubt, in the first case, you will have much more confidence and you will have that great engine brimming with energy that will help you achieve your goal: to believe in yourself and in your possibilities. However, in the second case, the fear of losing will lead you to hide in a shield of caution, believing that this way you will be more protected. But excessive protection will lead you not to take risks, and therefore, not to win.

Positive thinking builds a child's self-confidence, gives him a large dose of self-esteem and makes him face the world with a wide smile, and the assurance that yes, he can do what he wants.

exist more methods to get our child to face life with optimism. Do you know these others?

- The bottle of happiness: It consists of writing down each day on a small paper what is the best thing that happened to us during the day. It is put in a jar and at the end of the month all the pieces of paper are read, which all family members will have put into the jar. It helps children realize the amount of positive things that happen to them throughout a month.

- Mindfulness: Controlling our breath helps us 'tame' negative emotions. Meditation is great not only for adults. Children can do it too. Away with negative thoughts!

- A summary of how the day was: You can ask your child every night, before going to sleep, to make a summary of what he has experienced throughout the day. For every positive thought you add, you can point a star on a sheet. Throughout the week you can count the number of stars, that is, positive thoughts, that you have had. Will he beat his record the following week? Challenge him! Children, you know, are very competitive (even with themselves).

- Boost good humor: Laughter generates optimism. Of course, good humor, too. Play down issues that concern your child and are not vital. Teach him to prioritize in life: the most important and the most banal. And of course, teach him to laugh at his little mistakes.

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