How to Make Kids Proud of Their Latino Heritage

How to Make Kids Proud of Their Latino Heritage

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Talk to children about their origins and culture develops in them a sense of belonging, and stimulates the development of their own identity. Much of this learning can be seen reflected in the teachings that children receive at school, for example through cultural activities. However, it is important that parents also do their bit and share cultural values, essential to reinforce in them love for their land and their roots.

For its part, the culture in Latin countries is full of history and traditions, which children should know, why? The idea is to do it so that later, they themselves transmit this knowledge to the following generations. Let's try to conserve our cultural heritage! To achieve it, we tell you how to make kids proud of their Latino heritage through certain actions, easy to carry out and highly enriching for them.

Globalization has brought children closer and closer to other cultures. This gives them a much broader view of other life forms, promotes values ​​in them like tolerance and respect, and arouses their curiosity about the world around them. Just as the teaching of other cultures is promoted, it is also important to encourage children to learn about their origins, and reinforce their customs and traditions. But what can I do to make children take pride in their Latino heritage?

- Coexistence with family. Especially in the latin countriesWe are very used to having a strong family bond. Since we were little they teach us to visit our grandparents' house, to sit down to eat as a family, and in general to constantly interact in one way or another with our uncles, cousins, brothers. Instills family coexistence in children by organizing a meeting from time to time or planning a family visit to an interesting place for them. They are sure to have a great time!

- Love for your food. Gastronomy in Latin American countries is of the utmost importance; many of our dishes are recognized even internationally as Cultural heritage of Humanity. Why not share our rich gastronomic heritage with children? Encourage your children to try the typical dishes of their land; you can even prepare a traditional recipe with them. You can also take advantage of that moment to live with their grandparents, surely they will also have many culinary skills to share with them.

- Enjoy your music. Latin American music is very rich in every way, they exist from ballads, rock, rancheras, salsas, cumbias, in short! You can share an infinity of songs with the little ones, which can range from regional music to modern songs from the country in which they were born. Show your kids the music you listened to as a kid, teach them song lyrics or you can even show them some dance steps, the idea is enjoy and share family time.

- Know the traditions and customs. Take advantage of the popular festivals, and explain to them what are the reasons for these celebrations, the history behind them and what is customary to do during them. There are also other ways to bring this type of knowledge closer to children; For example, you can read them a story that teaches them more about the history of their country, or they can even make crafts at home or enroll in a workshop where they can carry out cultural activities.

- Visit cultural spaces. This is a great way to share with children a little popular culture. How would you like to take them to a museum? Or visit some historical place? There are even places dedicated especially for children, where they can learn in an interactive way about the history and culture of their country. An excellent option to make a fun plan and encourage learning in them. Go ahead and try it!

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