12 crafts with toilet paper rolls to make with kids

12 crafts with toilet paper rolls to make with kids

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Crafts for children are very useful during school vacation periods. For Christmas you can teach your children to make their own Santa Claus with a recycled toilet paper roll. Follow the instructions to create this cute and simple Santa Claus.

If your child loves to decorate the house for Christmas, you can teach him a fun recycling craft so he can learn how to make his own Christmas tree out of a toilet paper roll. Read the following instructions to make this simple Christmas tree.

At the next Halloween party you can take advantage of and decorate the house with your child with a witch made from recycled toilet paper roll. A very simple children's craft that you can learn by following these instructions.

Children love to decorate their house on Halloween. That is why you can teach your child to make this recycling craft with toilet paper rolls and create some nice and simple bats.

Follow these steps to make the bats out of toilet paper rolls.

The way of wrapping gifts is usually very unoriginal. But with a little imagination you can make your own manual candy-shaped wrap with your child. For this you need to recycle a roll of toilet paper and follow these simple steps to carry out this fun children's craft.

Children are usually very observant and they love to look at everything around them. That is why you cannot miss the opportunity to teach him how to create his binoculars from recycled toilet paper rolls. An easy and fun craft that you can do with your child.

Read here the steps to create your toilet paper roll binoculars.

This craft is very easy to do. You only need to recycle five rolls of toilet paper, and with a little acrylic paint, glue stick and tape you can have this wonderful recycling car.

Follow the steps here to create your car out of toilet paper rolls.

Crafts for children are a good way to foster the relationship between parents and children. And if you also learn the importance of recycling and have fun, much better. So show him step by step how to create his own rocket out of a recycled toilet paper roll.

There are different ways to make a homemade pencil holder. One of them is using a recycled toilet paper roll and several popsicle sticks to line it. With this children's craft your child will learn to recycle and will have a good idea to give to his friends.

Follow here the steps to make your pencil holder out of a toilet paper roll.

This craft for children is one of the favorites to do between parents and children. Although this friendly recycled chick needs a little more elaboration and it will be necessary for you to help your child when lining the toilet paper roll with a little felt.

Follow the steps below to create the chick with a roll of toilet paper.

If your child is an artist and spends all day performing the songs of his idols, here is a very simple children's craft to create his own recycling microphone. With a roll of toilet paper, paint and some aluminum foil your child will feel like a star on stage.

Follow the steps here to create your toilet paper roll microphone.

If boredom sometimes takes hold of your child when he is at home, here is a simple craft to stimulate his creativity and teach him the importance of recycling. The ladybug with a toilet paper roll is one of the children's favorite crafts. If you want to know how to do it, follow the instructions step by step.

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