Short tongue twisters for children

Short tongue twisters for children

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The tongue twister It is a good way for our children to improve their language while having fun. Through the Word games, children improve their pronunciation without even realizing it, encourage reading and exercise memory.

There is no child who does not like tongue twisters! In addition, they are good entertainment to play with in moments of boredom away from home, such as when we are in the doctor's waiting room or when they are bored in the car.

Here we leave you some short tongue twisters for children.

Whisper them, make mistakes, laugh and show your skills linguistics with them, you will see how in a short time, and with practice, they will do it much better than you. There is the challenge!

The face of the parrot

is rinsed with chlorine,

clear, with chlorine

the parrot's face clears.

R, with r guitar;

r with r barrel;

how fast the wheels roll

of the railroad.

It costs Cuesta

climb the hill,

and in the middle of the hill,

Goes and lies down!

Is love a madness,

that only the priest cures her,

and when the priest heals it,

commit a great madness.

Little by little,

Paquito packs glasses

in few packages.

How do you want me to love you,

if the one I want to love me,

Don't you love me like I want you to love me?

Every time I take a bath it hurts me

that's why I bathe once a year.

Three sad tigers

they eat wheat in a wheat field,

one tiger, two tigers, three tigers.

The hippopotamus Hiccup has hiccups,

Who removes the hiccups from the hippo Hiccup?

I buy little coconut,

because I eat little coconut,

I eat little like,

little coconut I buy.

Paco keeps the few drinks,

which, little by little, Paco took out.

The succession of events

it happens successively with the succession of time.

If the snail had a face like the snail has,

off face, off cabbage, off snail with face.

Toto drinks tea,

Tita drinks mate,

and I drink my whole cup of chocolate.

Francisco was looking in the forest for such a sharp-eyed Basque,

that when he saw him a funny man said to him: "What a brusque cross-eyed Basque!"

How much wood would a rodent gnaw

if rodents gnawed wood?

Platypus dad and

his five platypus

they go through little corners.

Where I say I say, I do not say I say, I say Diego;

where Diego Diego, I don't say Diego, I say I say.

Nobody whistles like Silvia,

because if someone whistles like Silvia,

it's because Silvia taught him to whistle.

Pepe stings papa with a beak that does not sting.

Rita's dog irritates me,

tell Rita to trade the puppy for a puppy.

As I did not bring a suit, I do not swim anything.

A catatrep with three catatrepts,

when the waterfall climbs,

the three catatrepts climb.

One proposes, another disposes,

the groom arrives and breaks it down.

Teresa swallowed shredded chalk.

When you step on floors

count how many floors you step on,

why, when you step on floors,

you don't know how many floors you walk.

I remember that I remembered that memory,

which is a good memory, which is hard to remember.

Alba speaks of bullets,

of bullets Alba spoke,

if Alba does not speak of bullets,

I'm talking about bullets and Alba.

Chlorine does not clear Clara's face,

and Clara declares that this is how she leaves her face.

The song has action and without fiction there is no bump.

Doctor, doctor, ask me and cancel it.

A rose fell from the sky,

my mom picked it up,

he put it on his head,

and how beautiful it was.

The bull dog runs with the bulls,

the bulls run faster than the bull dog,

The bulls get tired and the bull dog catches up with them.

Ocholo buckles eight eights.

Rooster and Cricket shout and enjoy,

How Cricket and Rooster shout and enjoy!

Pedro Pérez Picota, poor Portuguese painter,

can paint beautiful landscapes,

to pay passage to Portugal.

Manuel Micho on a whim,

wick the male meat,

and yesterday a boy said,

much male mecha Micho.

I ate parsley, I ate parsley,

and now that I got stiff

How will I perform?

If the witch unravels the witch,

and the witch unravels the witch,

and the sorcerer is debruted

How does the sorcerer unravel the witch?

To pin pon pam to piro pili pin chorus pin.

Yesterday I ate a custard apple and I got enchirimoyé,

And now how will I get rid of it?

Pacha iron with four plates.

Catalina catarina,

Lovely Catherine,

Sing Catalina, sing!

that I love.

When you sing, let your song tell a story

that singing I love.

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