Poems about the sea for children

Poems about the sea for children

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On our site we have gathered the best nursery rhymes about the sea and marine animals for children. They are funny poems that also contain a teaching or moral to educate our children.

Through these poems about the sea for children,They will enter the wonderful marine world, discover the species that live in the depths and have a good time with the stories that their protagonists live. And all this while they enter the wonderful world of poetry!

What happens in the sea? The children's poet Marisa Alonso Santamaría sums it up like this in this very short poem for children, perfect for the little ones in the house:

In the sea the breeze

in the blue sea,

the waves, the fish,

the sky, the light.

Crabs play

on the white sand,

the turtle aova

with the full moon

Verbena nights!

A poem about a crab that has to learn how important it is to help others on certain occasions.

The protagonist of this children's poem, a little starfish, has to learn to accept oneself.

It is an original poetry for children that mixes small stanzas of traditional children's songs sung by different sea animals.

This poem about the sea for children tells the story of a small fish that changes color depending on how it sits, a poem to teach emotions to children.

It is a very funny poem about a squid and an octopus that get tangled up underwater. A poem about sea animals to read with children.

If you are looking for very short poems to read with your children and also want them to learn about marine animals, we suggest that you read this poetry about a whale.

Meet all the animals that can be found on the beaches of central Africa, the beautiful beaches of Gabon are home to these incredible characters among palm trees and dunes.

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