The lug and size of children

The lug and size of children

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The stretch of children is a factor that we highlight with joy in social gatherings. It is very common to hear children's congratulations from family and friends when they notice that they have grown up and it fills them with satisfaction, they swell like a turkey and even blush thinking that they are already a little older. And is that the matter of the children's height is becoming a concern, which can lead to complexEven in the parents themselves, we cringe by asking the pediatrician if it is better to buy milk enriched with calcium for children or not, because we have also heard that an excess of calcium can be harmful to the kidney.

The other day a friend told me that she thought her 15-year-old daughter had become short because she was now 1.56 cm tall. 'He has not even reached my height', she lamented and was worried to know if she was going to grow any more until she was 18 years old, especially because now young people are getting taller.

Yes, each generation is gaining height in general. And it is that there are several factors that influence the growth of a child. Genetics are determined from conception and are influenced by the size of the parents, sex and race, and other external factors such as diet, exercise, lifestyle habits, the diseases that the child has suffered, the affection they receive because it has been shown that children who receive the most affection grow more than those who have had emotional deficiencies and, apparently, the climate in which they develop also influences their adult size.

During early childhood, growth is a homogeneous process, although in some specific periods it can accelerate producing a sudden spurt, as sometimes happens in spring and summer, when children tend to perform more physical activity, one of the factors that favors the growth process.

Growth hormone secretion peaks are secreted during sleep, but growth hormone also acts during the day. Fever has also been shown to act as a growth hormone stimulator, hence many children notice a stretch after an illness that has led to a fever.

But can a short child become a tall adult? Of course. There are children who, for different environmental or hormonal reasons, they experience slower growth and, at a certain point, acquire the normal rhythm achieving a correct and even elevated height. There are also children who, for various pathological reasons, undergo accelerated bone maturation, only to stop later and not reach too much height.

Later, at puberty, the child undergoes a very pronounced growth due to the action of hormones and the growth process ends when the cartilage of the bones closes at the end of this stage. How tall a child will be as an adult can be predicted with a margin of error of a few centimeters.

From the age of 6, it is possible to perform some simple tests that will give us the approximate height of the future adult by comparing the results of an X-ray of the wrist with the family history of height and periodic measurements to find its growth rate.

Meanwhile, a diet rich in dairy products, which are one of the most typical sources of calcium, an essential nutrient for the growth and strengthening of the bones of the human skeleton, nuts due to their high content of magnesium, an essential element in the growth of the human body. , iodized salt since the lack of this mineral usually means a lower infant growth and eggs that contain zinc, iron, vitamin B2, vitamin D ... for the manufacture of growth hormone and regular exercise can contribute to increase the size of children children.

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