The chilling testimony of a girl victim of bullying: 'I don't want to live anymore'

The chilling testimony of a girl victim of bullying: 'I don't want to live anymore'

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They call me fat, they put the lock on me (trip or block the way) ... I fall and they say: earthquake, earthquake! '... It is just part of the chilling testimony of a little girl of only 9 years old to which some of his companions make life impossible, just for having 'a few extra kilos'.

His mother, Angie Ledesma, He posted the video with his testimony on Facebook to denounce what was happening at his school, since no one seemed to respond to his complaints. This is the chilling testimony of a girl victim of bullying. One victim more than many others.

Angie Ledesma, fed up with the situation her daughter Jazmín was going through, posted this testimony on her Facebook wall as a last resort, desperate at the situation her 9-year-old daughter was going through, constantly harassed by some schoolmates. Angie warned that she was doing it to make everyone aware of what is happening in society, and that she was doing it shamefully, because the teachers at the Santa Fe school (Argentina) where her daughter was studying did absolutely nothing.

Angie Ledesma had to ask her daughter not to say too many things, to 'soften her words', because her case is even more serious and the little girl's anguish far exceeds the one she conveys in this chilling testimony ... The video is preceded by these words from Angie:

'I am ashamed to expose my daughter like this, never public anything personal but today I would have cried my dead daughter for some cruel assholes. What he says in the video is not even the half he told me, I made him repeat some words. If the change from School there are other girls in her grade who go through the same thing is unfair, because she loves her classmates for 5 kids who think they are alive ':

The video begins with una direct question from his mother: 'what happened to you?' The little girl answers then, agitated, trembling, with these words:

'They call me fat, they put the bar on me. I fall down and he says ... 'oh, earthquake, earthquake'. They threw me apples, fruit. They tell me fat and I don't want to, I don't want to live anymore '...

The mother asks him again: 'Did you tell your teachers?' She responds: 'I told them and they only challenge us ... they don't say anything to the men ...'

His mother asks him: where have you been? She replied: 'in the hospital' What happened to you? She insists: 'I wanted to kill myself'. How did you want to kill yourself? The mother asked him again: 'With pills'.

Now this girl no longer studies at that school, even though she did not want to change because she also has many friends there. The mother, fed up with the passivity of the teachers, He decided to change her to another school before the harassment got worse. Once again, the victim must escape from hell. The executioners, they stay.

Every time I see something like this I feel the same anger and helplessness. What does society need to realize the danger of this situation? What do you need to stop one of the most cruel acts that exist, that of the assault on a child? Why is the only solution always the desperate flight of the victim? Why is there never a punishment for the aggressor in a bullying case?

We already know that we, adults, are the mirror in which children contemplate themselves. Your referrer to follow. What are we teaching them with all this? It is better to be an executioner than a victim ... The executioner continues on his way without problems ... the victim is condemned to change places. Regrettable.

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