Hyperthyroidism in pregnancy

Hyperthyroidism in pregnancy

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They are very rare cases, but it can happen. The hyperthyroidism during pregnancy it is difficult to detect, as there are radiological tests that cannot be done (because it could be harmful to the fetus). But there are other clinical tests that could find him.

At that time, pregnancy becomes risky, especially due to the effects it can have on the baby. Normally this hyperthyroidism is caused by Graves' disease (an excess production of thyroid hormones).

Surely the pregnant woman already felt bad before she was diagnosed with the disease. Among the main symptoms is weightloss, tiredness and muscle weakness, as well as eye irritation. But of course, many of these symptoms are confused with the typical discomforts of the first trimester of pregnancy. Sometimes the diagnosis takes time to arrive for this reason.

A hyperthyroidism in uncontrolled pregnancy, it can lead to premature delivery and low birth weight in the newborn, the development of Congenital malformations and even the birth of still babies. It also puts the health of the pregnant woman at serious risk, since sudden increases in blood pressure, dehydration and tachycardias can occur. The most dangerous thing is that all these symptoms lead to what doctors call 'thyroid storm', a high risk situation for the mother.

Mother with hyperthyroidism in pregnancy you can transmit this same disease to your child. There would be a case of neonatal hyperthyroidism. However, do not be alarmed, because the symptoms of hyperthyroidism in the baby disappear in a few months.

The problem comes with treatment. The dose of drugs should be lower so that it does not affect the fetus. Many studies are still missing, but an excess of antithyroid drugs during pregnancy could trigger hypothyroidism in the baby or some congenital defect. Thats why he radioiodine , for example, is contraindicated.

In the case of mild hyperthyroidism during pregnancy, doctors prefer not to start any treatment and constantly monitor the health of the baby and the mother.

Hyperthyroidism during pregnancy improves in the last trimester of pregnancy and becomes more pronounced during the postpartum period. The doctor will increase the dose of antithyroid medicine during this stage. However, this does not prevent breastfeeding.

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