What is osteopathy for babies?

What is osteopathy for babies?

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The infantile osteopathy is a good resource to improve injuries in children and babies, especially of joints and muscles, but also other disorders such as infant colic, or swallowing problems.

Many babies are born with problems that osteopathy for babies It can be solved, however they are therapies still, in part, unknown to parents and that can be used from the moment of the child's birth.

The osteopathy for babiesis a specialization carried out by physiotherapists and osteopaths, where they are used manual techniques adapted and specific for babies and children.

The osteopath diagnoses mobility dysfunctions in the different body tissues, such as joints, muscles, fasciae or viscera, which may be creating local or distant symptoms.

The simple fact that the baby fits into the mother's pelvis during pregnancy, or passes through the birth canal, can make different structures of her body appear sunder great pressure. When descending through the canal, the baby suffers forces that excessively compress both the head and the torso.

Often occur joint stresses or in some membranes, which will cause, in certain cases, future problems such as: scoliosis, (where excessive cranial tension if not treated in time, can be transmitted to the rest of the spine and the sacrum) cranial asymmetries, infant colic, swallowing problems, irritability ... These symptoms and others usually occur especially when instruments have been used to deliver the baby during deliveries, excessively long labor or induced childbirth.

All babies should receive a session of pediatric osteopathy preventively to avoid these types of problems, since when they are treated early, they have a very good prognosis.

I recommend that babies come for consultation at an early age, even from the first days of life, as up to six months It will be easier for us to treat most diseases, especially those related to the skull.

After this time, the baby skull is closing. Improvements in functionality and symptoms continue to be achieved in children, but it is more difficult to change the shape of the skull if it is already severely deformed, as in cases of significant plagiocephaly.

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