The best recipes for 12-month-old babies

The best recipes for 12-month-old babies

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From the baby's 12 months, various foods can be introduced into their daily diet. Their diet will increasingly resemble that of adults And especially at this age, they should be taught to eat in a balanced way, with foods that contain all the nutrients necessary for their development.

On our site We know that it can often be difficult to prepare menus for children, especially when there are doubts about which foods they can eat and which not, depending on their age. That is why this time we want to share with you some of the best 12 month old baby recipes, recommended by expert nutritionists.

Lentil puree for children

Would you like to prepare your childa different porridge? The lentil puree is ideal for the little ones and why not? Also for the adults (adding a little salt and spices). We share with you this delicious recipe for babies over one year old, don't forget to prepare it!

Green bean puree for kids

Green beans can be eaten as early as 6 months of age. Its high content of vitamin C will help the baby in its development, in addition to providing a unique and very attractive flavor for them.

White fish puree with vegetables for children

For the baby's dinner you can prepare this originalfish and vegetable recipe. The little ones can already start consuming fish from one year on, so don't hesitate to prepare this rich recipe to keep them a healthy and balanced diet.

Kiwi, strawberry and banana porridge for children

Fruits in the baby's diet are essential. With this recipe you can start to introduce strawberry into your child's diet. Definitely It is one of the favorites of the little ones! try to prepare this rich porridge and you will see.

Mango, pear and strawberry porridge for children

Doesn't this combination sound great? A mixture of tropical fruits for the food of the little ones. With this recipe you will make your child enjoy like never before of these delicious fruits. Do you dare to prepare it?

Cherry, pear and banana porridge for children

If you are looking to prepare a different porridge for your baby, this is an ideal option. In addition to being very rich, it contains cherries, a fruit with vitamins A, C and E, which will provide them with an extremely important nutritional contribution and beneficial to your health.

Peach, pear and kiwi porridge for children

Up to one year of age it is possible to provide the little ones with these fruits since before they can cause allergies. If the pediatrician authorizes it, you can prepare this delicious recipe for your child for which you will only need 4 ingredients!

Melon, peach and apple porridge for children

The vitamins that fruits provide your baby will help the proper functioning of your body and especially growth during childhood. Prepare this recipe for fruit porridge that in addition to being nutritious, it is to suck your fingers!

Apple, peach and strawberry porridge for children

The porridges are ideal for the little ones, as it is an easy food to eat and with a great supply of vitamins. Prepare this rich fruit porridge for a complete and balanced diet.

Grape, pear and apple porridge

A rich fruit porridge for babies, ideal to give them at snack time. Enjoy prepare this type of porridge for the little ones, with delicious flavor and essential nutritional content for its growth.

Oatmeal porridge with banana for children offers you a series of easy recipes to prepare for babies. The oatmeal and banana porridge, in addition to being very nutritious because it contains this delicious fruit, gives it a different touch through oats, an ingredient rich in vitamin B.

Quick French Omelette with Ham and Cheese for Kids

One of the children's favorite recipes. At one year of age, the egg can be introduced in its diet in this original way, a recipe with a delicious flavor, thanks to the combination of its main ingredients: egg, ham and cheese.

Yogurt with berries for children

Babies can also enjoy rich desserts. This recipe contains fruits and yogurt, a healthy and nutritious alternative for them. HisDelicious taste will make you enjoy this recipe to the fullest. Why not try it? You dare?

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