New technique to generate more pregnancies

New technique to generate more pregnancies

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Thanks to assisted reproduction, more than 3.5 million babies have already been born around the world. And there can be many more from now on. British scientists are developing a new technique to generate more pregnancies and fewer multiple births and spontaneous abortions.

A computer will be able to detect which eggs are best for conception and which ones have chromosome defects, which would lead to miscarriage.

We tell you what is the new technique to detect pregnancies.

This new technique, which is being carried out in the Simon Fishel Clinic (who participated in the team that brought the world's first test tube baby), may offer more hope to a large number of couples who have so far failed to reach pregnancy.

The treatment combines conventional prenatal checks with a new computer program that can detect eggs with chromosome defects and that will likely lead to miscarriage. It is about an improvement of in vitro fertilization (test tube baby), in which it will be possible to know which ovules of a woman are more prone to pregnancy.

The new technique to generate pregnancies, consists of a real challenge: removes eggs from the ovaries from a woman, select one or two of the candidate eggs for pregnancy, and combine them with the sperm in the laboratory.

Then, the best embryo and is implanted in the female uterus. Doctors today they use a microscope to select the best embryo, instead of checking its DNA.

From now on, all the chromosomes of an embryo can be observed in real time and make a better selection. The first patient, a 41-year-old British woman in whom 13 fertility treatments had failed, is now in her seventh month of pregnancy. Still, scientists insist the new technique is still at a very early stage. They do not want to create false expectations for couples who are expecting a pregnancy.

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