Tricks for the child to stop thumb sucking

Tricks for the child to stop thumb sucking

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The action of sucking is innate in babies. Many babies, even from their formation in the womb, suck their thumb. This is because at first his mouth is the receiver of his world, since that is where they have the sense of touch.

Thumb sucking is a habit much more ingrained in the baby than the pacifier, since it usually comes from when they are inside the mother's womb. On the other hand, the finger cannot remove from crib as we do with the pacifier, so the habit usually persists in the child until later ages. Thesetricks for the child to stop thumb sucking They can help you to eradicate this bad habit.

The act of sucking is for survival, and is the first thing they need when they come out of the womb and be able to feed on their mother.

Thumb sucking in the first months of life is very common. Through the finger the baby finds relaxation, security when feeling close to the mother, calms hunger, it is also much closer to hand than the pacifier.

However, from the age of five it is a habit that we must eradicate since it can have complications in the child's speech or produce an incorrect bite, as well as isolation from others and insecurity. But before I tell you what are the tricks for the child to stop thumb suckingHere are some tips to keep in mind.

- Must induce the child to put down the finger before the permanent dentition, about 6 or 7 years.

- You should never be forbidden to suck your thumb, ridicule or punish him for it, as it will damage his self-esteem and also his anxiety will reaffirm his desire to suck his thumb.

- Pick a quiet time. We should never do it at times of change for the child, or when they have stress such as the beginning of school or the separation of their parents.

- You should talk to your son and gradually make him aware of the need to stop thumb sucking. The child must be ready and willing to face the challenge of quitting thumb sucking.

- You must make the decision to stop thumb sucking together.

Tricks we can use:

1. Rewards: Start for a short time, and every time the child holds without thumb sucking you can give him a small reward such as a sticker or a point. When he reaches five you can give him a bigger reward. go away increasing time that you shouldn't suck your thumb to get the reward. So your son will be proud every time I get it.

2. Distraction: Bored children tend to suck their thumb, so look for a craft that can entertain them using their hands. That time will not be invested in thumb sucking. Make sure I did not watch television for many hours, is usually a moment they use to put their finger in their mouth.

3. Substitution: If your child's thumb-sucking habit has to do with bedtime, find a substitute for him: stroking a stuffed animal or a piece of cloth can help build a new sleep routine.

4. Wear a glove, bandage the finger, or use bandages or tape, This is usually a good way to prevent thumb sucking, but the child must agree and use a lot of willpower not to remove what is in the way of the finger.

5. Using bitter substances: Some recommend vinegar or lemon, and in pharmacies there are substances that are difficult to remove from the fingerEven if she washes it, but it must be with the child's consent, or she will cry all night

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