Pacifier or finger, which is worse for the baby?

Pacifier or finger, which is worse for the baby?

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This is an issue that many parents raise. Pacifier or finger, what is worse for the baby?

It is clear that the best thing is that the child does not acquire the habit with either of them, and that the damages that the suction brings, be it the pacifier or the finger, are much greater than the benefits.

Many parents are totally in favor of the use of the pacifier, as it gives parents a break when it comes to calm your children and to gain some independence from the baby. But the truth is that, even if it is a quick and easy resource, it is not the most convenient for the baby.

In the case of the finger, the thing is much more complicated, since the thumb sucking habit it is stronger in babies who were already sucking their thumb inside the womb.

We expose you the disadvantages of each, although in most cases we are not the parents who choose, but the baby himself. If the child was born sucking his thumb, it will be almost impossible for you to change his habit towards the pacifier. On the other hand, inducing him to use a pacifier can be useful during the first months of life, but not after six months. So, pacifier or finger, which is worse for the baby?

Pacifier Vs Finger

The main disadvantage of thumb sucking is what the child perceives as a great advantage: that it is always at hand.

The baby may, from its first formation within the mother, have accidentally found the finger, with which some children at birth already have a callus on the finger; but others, who start by sucking on the pacifier, switch to the finger because they really have it closer to hand and they always find it.

For us this is a disadvantage since we can't control when the child decides to suck his thumb or not, something that we can do with the pacifier.

At first, babies feel the need to suck because their lips and tongue have more developed sense of touchThat's why babies explore through their mouths. During the first months of life the act of suction is innate in them, and in the pacifier or the finger they find the pleasure of feeling close to the mother, of calming hunger, finding calm and feeling safe.

This effect, which during the first 3 months of life is so important, and even healthy, begins to be harmful as the baby grows.

From 6 months the use of the pacifier should be restricted little by little, something that we cannot do with the finger.

As for the sucking habit, it is usually greater in children who suck their fingers than in those who use the pacifier, so it is more difficult to eradicate.

The use of the finger is usually done more frequently in babies, because they always have it close, and this intensive use of the finger causes deformities in the roof of the mouth and teeth more commonly than with the pacifier.

On the other hand, the pacifier, if it is not changed frequently, may have damage or detachment of the nipple, or chew on the nipple and break it into pieces, causing suffocation.

Another drawback of the pacifier is that obviously, it is more expensive than finger.

So if we have to find a clearing winner between Finger Vs Pacifier, We have it clear: Neither of the two; but if you have to choose, we are left with the pacifier.

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