Sign Language for Hearing Babies

Sign Language for Hearing Babies

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If you have a baby still not talkingYou are surely looking forward to the moment when he says his first words. But while this doesn't happen, his communication with you is basically going to be through gestures, Why not do the same and use gestures to communicate with him?

Sign Language for Hearing Babies is recommended as language support. We explain why.

Using the gesture to communicate with children is not bad as long as these gestures don't substitute the words; in fact it's a good complement to communication to make it easier for children to understand what we are telling them.

Do you know any words in sign language? If your baby has a good hearing, and your intention is to teach signs that support some words, you can add that gesture as a complement to what you are saying without problems.

Think that we are very visual by nature and we are constantly complementing the information we give with the body, so do not be afraid to tell it what you want with gestures because just as you speak, the baby will also want to do it as soon as possible. Sign Language for Hearing Babies it can be highly recommended to stimulate your language.

Anyway, if you don't know sign language but still want your baby communicate As soon as possible with you, you can always use a specific gesture when you go to do a certain action.

For example, every time you put him to sleep you can make the typical gesture of joining the two palms of your hands and bringing them closer to the ear while tilting your neck.

Your baby will learn that words like "sleep" or "sleep", which sound very different but have the same meaning (go to bed) and it will be easier for him to talk to you about "sleep" if he knows how tell you with the help of your hands.

We have a lot of gestures of popular wisdom that we can teach our babies so that they can express what they want and that they can help us to enjoy much more the communication we establish with our children from a very young age.

Go ahead and try it!

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