Children's safety begins at home

Children's safety begins at home

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Family safety begins at home, mainly for our children, who, as expected, are the most vulnerable to an accident. In fact, according to statistics, domestic accidents cause more harm to children than any disease.

From one year on, the baby begins to become independent and, crawling or walking, begins to reach all places. You may have already noticed that children are very curious, and want to discover for themselves every object and corner of the house. Everything attracts them enormously, and they want to explore it without being aware of the risks.

One of the main dangers are windows and balconies and it is essential that we take the necessary measures to protect your baby from this risk.

1. First thing: you should never leave them alone, avoid staying for a long time in any room without regular adult supervision.

2. Second, we should not leave furniture or objects near the windows that can be used for climbing.

3. Finally, we must always make sure we have a barrier system on the windows.

A simple and very aesthetic solution for this last point are nets or meshes. These nets are made of strong transparent or colored nylon threads, which offer maximum safety for children without damaging the aesthetics of the home.

They can be attached to windows, balconies and stairs providing protection without sacrificing ventilation and light (one of the biggest drawbacks of other security systems).

It is a much cheaper system than others such as bars or enclosures, they are quick to place (they do not need work) and easy to remove in case of emergency evacuation.

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