Names for boys in 2018. Original, cute and popular baby names

Names for boys in 2018. Original, cute and popular baby names

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There are an immense number of baby names, we know them, and we are also aware that many times it is difficult to decide on one. This is the name that your child will carry for the rest of his life, a very important decision that deserves you to investigate all the possibilities.

To help you choose the name for your child, shows you a careful selection on the most original, beautiful and popular names for boys in 2018.

Parents' Favorite Names for 2018They range from names of Hebrew, modern, biblical, German, Latin origin, in short! We will show you a variety of names, many of them with their meaning or name day, also their possible diminutives or some of the most famous characters in history who have carried them. Don't miss them!

Hugo. This cute name comes from Hugh which means "clever" or "lucid." A name of German origin chosen by many parents and whose name day is April 1. A name for your child, ideal if you are looking for it to be short, simple and beautiful.

Antonio. It is another of the most popular names for boys in 2018. It has an Etruscan origin and according to experts it means “the one who faces his adversaries.” We are talking about a name that is very fashionable among the male population not only in Spanish-speaking countries, but we can also find him as Anthony in Spanish-speaking countries. English or French like Antoine.

Manuel. The first of January is the day of Saint Manuel. A Hebrew name that means "God accompanies us." It is one of the most chosen by parents and thanks to its meaning, Manuel is considered cheerful, optimistic and sociable. Some of the diminutives attributed to him are Manolo and Manu.

Francisco. Among this list of names for the little ones, the one of Francisco stands out, a name well known for years and that comes from the Italian Francesco which means "French". His name day is October 4 and it is a name with a long tradition that was popularized thanks to Saint Francis of Assisi, in the second half of the 13th century.

Edward. It means 'the guardian of wealth' and has a Germanic origin. Its meaning says that Eduardo has a very charismatic personality and that he succeeds in his social relationships, which makes him a very optimistic and energetic person at the same time. The saint of this name is October 13, Saint Edward's Day.

Daniel A name that becomes popular year after year, short, modern and beautiful for children. His name day is July 21 and means "Justice of God." This name is well known worldwide thanks to its Hebrew origin, but also to various personalities from the film world such as actors Daniel Craig and Daniel Day-Lewis.

John. A very beautiful name for children of a long tradition. It is short and simple and is characterized by being very easy to combine with others. It means "the merciful" and comes from the biblical tradition. Its meaning is that of a person with a very alert, supportive and generous intelligence.

David. It is of Hebrew origin and means "the one who is loved." This name is currently maintained as one of the most common when it comes to naming children. His name day is December 29, Saint David's Day. It is a very famous name thanks to the history of David and Goliath or personalities from the artistic world such as footballer David Beckham and singer David Bowie.

Jesus. Its origin is Hebrew and it is one of the most popular names in the world. It means 'Yahweh is Salvation' and makes a clear reference to Jesus of Nazareth. His name day is December 25, the day Jesus Christ was born. In different countries of the world he is known differently, for example in Romanian he is called Jesus, in Aramaic Yeshua, and in Finnish Joshua.

Matías. A cute name for a boy of Hebrew origin, which means "gift from God." A very beautiful meaning for the arrival of your little one. The saints of Matías is celebrated on May 14, the day of San Matías Apóstol. This name from biblical tradition has some diminutives like Matt and its variant in English is Matthias or Matthew.

Agustin. Name of Latin origin that derives from Augustus. It arises from ancient Rome and its meaning is that of 'consecrated by the augurs'. The name of Agustín can be found in different countries of the world, for example in Italy he is known as Agostino and in English Austin; but if you want it to be a really original name, in its Welsh form it is Awstin. Nice, don't you think?

Pablo. Pablo Neruda or Pablo Ruiz Picasso are two of the many personalities that have this beautiful name. Pablo stands out among the other names for being short, simple and pretty. Its meaning comes from Paulus, which means "little" and his name day is celebrated on June 29, the day of Saint Paul the Apostle.

Alexander. It has a Greek origin and its meaning is "'he who protects men." A boy's name that has been trending for the past few years. Alejandro is characterized by being committed and his main characteristics are courage and honesty. It has various diminutives among them Ale, Ale, Jandro and Álex.

Rodrigo. This name of German origin was very popular during the Middle Ages and since then it is widely used to name children. One of the most famous people with this name is the Cid Campeador, a very important character during the reconquest according to the poem "Cantar del Mío Cid". The meaning of this name is "glorious" and his name day is March 13.

Giving children names inspired by Disney characters is a very strong trend that we have seen lately, especially among “celebrities”. For example Ashlee simpson, sister of Jessica Simpson, named her son Bronx Mowgli Wentz, a name inspired by the animated film "The Jungle Book." Here is a list of baby names, so that you too get inspired by Disney classics when naming your little one.

Gustavo. That's the name of Cinderella's cute little friend. A name of German origin that comes from gund staff and which means "royal scepter".

Gaspar. This is the name of one of the main characters in the movie 101 Dalmatians. It is a rare name, so it could be a very original option for your child.

Eric. This is the name of the handsome prince of the Little Mermaid. A very current name of German origin, whose name day is May 18.

Felipe. It is the name of the prince of Sleeping Beauty. It is known as a proper name and as a surname, especially in Spain. Its origin is Greek and means "horse lover".

Sullivan. Like the friendly character from Monsters Inc. Due to its meaning, Sullivan likes tranquility, he is a simple and somewhat introverted person.

Andy. This name in Spanish is known as Andrés. This is the name that was chosen for the boy protagonist of the movie Toy Story.

Christopher. That's the name of the little boy from Winnie the Pooh. Its translation in Spanish is Cristóbal, whose meaning is "bearer of Christ."

Music can inspire us in many ways, why not use songs to choose a name for your baby? We suggest some boy names that have been famous, thanks to popular songs performed by various artists.

Fernando. This name stands out for appearing in one of the most popular songs of the Abba group. Its origin is Germanic and means "the one who is willful and daring".

Jose. This name is inspired by the song "La madre de José" by the group El Canto del Loco. It means abundance and its origin is Hebrew. Due to its meaning, the person called José has a decisive and generous character.

Alexander. This name appears in the popular Lady Gaga song named in the same way. It has a Greek origin and its meaning is "'he who protects men."

Adrian. This is the title of one of the musical themes performed by José Luis Perales. It comes from Adrianus, whose meaning is "coming from the Adriatic Sea". It is of Latin origin and its saints are on January 9.

Miguel. This name is inspired by the song "Pobre Miguel" by Triana Pura. It is a name for a boy of Hebrew origin, whose saint is September 29.

Be sure to watch this video where we tell you some tips to choose a beautiful boy's name in 2018.

If you have not yet decided on a name for your child, we will show you a series of lists containing names for children, with different meanings and origins:

Latin names: Name guide for children with a Latin origin.

German names: If you still don't know how to name your child, get inspired by this list of Germanic names.

French names: if you are looking for a fancy name, this list is your best option.

English names:Anglo-Saxon boy names are ideal, if you are looking for an international name for your child.

Italian names: Names of beautiful sound, and that are generally of Latin origin.

Catalan names: If you prefer a more traditional name, choose one of Catalan origin.

Greek names: many of them inspired by Greek mythology, with a lot of history and tradition.

Biblical names:List of names inspired by the Christian tradition, accompanied by their meaning and name day.

Even if you are pregnant with a boy, you might want to take a look at the most popular boys names in 2018. Some of them are traditional names that have survived to this day after the years. Others are new and trendy names that bring freshness and novelty to name lists.

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