Names for girls in 2018. Beautiful, popular and original baby names

Names for girls in 2018. Beautiful, popular and original baby names

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If you are pregnant and you already know that your baby will be a girl ... congratulations! You are entering an exciting period and on our site we will accompany you at every stage of your pregnancy and raising your baby.

One of the first decisions you have to make is to choose your baby's name. If you are still not sure, we propose a list of the 20 most popular girls names for 2018. They are names for girls that are in trend, some are traditional names and other modern names. All of them, beautiful and original girl names. Which one do you like the most?

What are the most popular and frequent names for girls? If you want to give your baby a nice name but also that does not sound strange or strange, here is a list of the names of girls most chosen by parents in 2018:

Lucy: a beautiful name for a girl that means 'the one who carries the light'. It is of Latin origin and for a few years it has topped the lists of the most popular and for years it has been in trend. His name day is celebrated on December 13.

Mary: It is one of the girl names that has been in trend for generations. It can go alone or accompanied by another. Its origin is Hebrew, and means "the chosen one", "the one loved by God". A very popular girl's name for being the name of the mother of Jesus.

Paula: It comes from paulus, which means "small, weak" and its origin is Latin. Paula's male formula is Pablo. Throughout history there have been several saints and martyrs with the name of Paula, so there are several possible dates to celebrate the saint.

Martina: it is one of the most popular girl names for 2018 and has been trending for several years Its origin is Latin and its meaning is "consecrated to Mars", and it comes from Mars, the god of war. His saint is January 30 and his masculine form: Martín.

Carla: a beautiful girl's name of German origin that comes from Karl and means "strong, courageous". This name is very popular in Italy and from there it made the leap to Spain and Latin America in the 70s.

Julia: A very cute girl's name for 2018 and with a long tradition. It means "with strong roots" or "the one that belongs to the Julia family" and its origin is Latin. He celebrates his saint on July 15. In addition, it is a very international name, we find it in other countries such as Julie, Juliet, Juliana, Julieta or Julienne.

Sunrise- A girl's name that made it onto the most popular lists a few years ago and never leaves it. And it is that this beautiful name is one of the most chosen by fathers and mothers for their daughters. Its meaning is "dawn", it is the first light of day and rebirth. He celebrates his name day on August 15, the date on which Our Lady of the Alba and the Virgin of the Alba are celebrated.

Daniela: comes from Latin, from din and El (Elhoim), which means "God is my judge". Daniel is the masculine version of this name and for many years it was more frequent. However, today it is one of the most popular names for girls.

Sofia: a beautiful girl's name and very popular among fathers and mothers. It is of Greek origin and comes from sophia which means "wisdom". He is well known for Hagia Sophia, a 2nd century martyr who is worshiped in the beautiful Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Its variants are Sophie or Zosia in Polish.

Valentina: a girl's name that is in trend especially in its male version: Valentine's Day, the patron saint of lovers. Its origin is Latin and comes from valens which means "brave, from the family of Valentines" and celebrates its saint on February 14.

Carmen: comes from Karmel which means "garden of God", "ode, song". It is a very popular girl's name in Spain and other countries of Catholic tradition for the invocation of Our Lady of Carmen or Virgin of Carmel, venerated by the Carmelites, the hermits who populated Mount Carmel, scene of the Crucifixion.

Laura: comes from laurus, which means "laurel, triumph or triumphant". It is a girl's name of Latin origin and it is that in Greece laurel wreaths were used to reward people who arrived victorious from wars. This ceremony was inherited by Rome and the crown was called laurea.

Fatima: comes from fatama which means "maiden, virgin girl". A beautiful name of Arabic origin and it is that Fatima was the youngest daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and the one who gave rise to the Fatimid dynasty.

Alexandra: not one of the most popular names today. He celebrates his saint on May 18, which is the day of Santa Alejandra. Its origin is Greek and comes from alexio and andros which means "the one who protects man". Its masculine form is Alejandro, also one of the most popular names for boys.

Gabriela: a beautiful name of Hebrew origin that comes from gebar, that is, "woman of God, protected by God". Her masculine formula is Gabriel, the announcing angel of Mary's motherhood.

Ana: one of the most popular names for generations, one of the favorites by parents for their baby girl. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means "full of grace and compassion."

Sandra: a name for girls of Greek origin, which is taken from the apocope Alessandra. It means "the protector" and has become one of the most popular names.

Patricia- A name of Latin origin that became very popular in the 1970s due to foreign influence. And it is that, this girl's name is very frequent in the Anglo-Saxon countries for many years.

Cristina: a girl's name of Latin origin that means "the one who follows Christ". It has religious roots and is one of the names preferred by fathers and mothers.

Carolina: in the same way as Carla, the girl's name Carolina comes from Karl or Carolus and means "strong and courageous woman". It is a name of German origin and celebrates its saint on November 4.

If you are looking for other ideas to choose your daughter's name, don't miss the advice that we give you from our site to find that ideal and perfect name for your baby.

Do you want to know what famous names gave their daughters in 2017? A great way to get ideas for choosing a name for your daughter. Some of the best-known celebrities opt for popular and very common names, and others for strange and different names that are not in any list of names:

Cristiano Ronaldo: had twins, a boy and a girl. The name chosen for her baby was Eva.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his twins

Beyoncé: in 2018 the twins of the singer, boy and girl, were born. His daughter was given the name Rumi, a very popular name in Japan.

Bradley Cooper: the actor, and the model Irina Shayk had a girl in 2018 who they named Lea De Seine

Janet Jackson: The singer was the mother of a girl at age 50, whom she named Eissa.

Manuel Carrasco: chose the name Chloé for her first daughter.

Television series have made popular strange names that are gaining followers today. Series such as Game of Thrones, Gossip Girl or The Good Wife have launched names such as:

- Daenerys: is the real name of Khaleesi in the Game of Thrones series.

Khaleesi: one of the names for girls that are very popular in England. In the invented Dothraki language, this girl's name means 'queen'.

- Arya- The charismatic character from Game of Thrones has made this name very popular.

- Olivia: the protagonist of "The Good Wife" has managed to infuse strength and personality to this name.

- Serena: a girl's name that, although already popular, has been made even more by the Gossip Girl series.

Many mothers and fathers are very clear about the name they give their baby, either because they want to continue the tradition and name their own, or that of a loved one, or simply because there is a name that they always liked.

But, How to choose the name for the baby when the parents disagree? Moms and dads often make lists of names, each their own. They are discarding those that they do not like and in the end, there will be one that is beautiful to both.

If you are in this case, all the lists of names that you will find on our site can serve you: name by origin, by meaning, rare, original, modern or trendy names.

If you want to keep seeing names, write down these other girl names that are also catching on:

Claudia, Marta, Jimena, Ana Paula, Mariana, Maria Fernanda or Candela are some very popular girl names. Keep looking at these special lists has developed to help you:

- German names: names of Germanic origin have a lot of personality. You will be surprised to know how some of the most popular girl names they know are of German origin, for example Claudia.

- Arabic names: names for girls of Arabic origin have a long tradition, they are sonorous and original names.

- Catalan names: here you will find a list of girl names of Catalan origin so that you can choose the one you like the most for your daughter.

- French names: look for sophisticated and elegant names for your daughter, they are names of French origin with great musicality.

- Galician names: choose from among this list the Galician girl name that you like the most, names with their meaning and origin.

- Greek Names: find among the common Greek and Greek mythology names the one you like the most for your daughter.

- English names: if you are looking for an international name, among this series of English girl names you will find many options.

- Italian Names: the Italian language has a great musicality, as well as their names, choose from among these the one you like the most for your daughter.

- Basque names: they have become very popular in recent times, so much so that parents who have no relationship with the Basque Country choose them for their children.

- Christian Names of Saints: they are traditional names for hundreds of years, they have a long history.

- Santoral or Onomástica: discover what is the day of your daughter's saint according to the name you choose.

- Surnames and Shields: surnames have identified families for hundreds of years and some even have an associated shield.

- Meanings of names: if you are already clear about the girl's name that your daughter will carry, you can check what it means in our dictionary of names.

- Names for girls: here you will find many more name ideas for your daughter.

Do you want to know what are the boy names that are trending in 2018? They are names that have been gaining popularity over the years. Among them, you will find classic names that do not go out of style and others that have been gaining positions in the lists of top names in recent years.

What names would you bet that are on the list of the most frequent? These are the most popular boys names in 2018.

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