There is no reason to lie to children

There is no reason to lie to children

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Many times parents tell little lies to avoid confrontations with our children, or to soften some data, are the calls white lies.

However, the sticklers claim that there is no reason to lie to the childrenas that can have repercussions on their behavior.

There is no reason to lie to the children, since the lie ends in anger "lie" And that effect is what it produces in people who have been the object of someone's lie. It also ends in mistrust and disappointment for not being fair enough to what they thought they expected.

"A little lie on time is good, you don't always have to tell the truth, sometimes a lie solves a problem ", This is one of the phrases and beliefs that many people have about the use of lies, and thus justify the fact that lying more than necessary.

But it is a mistaken belief, since children sooner or later they will discover the truth, and therefore we are better off with phrases like:"The lie has very short legs," a lie calls into question a thousand truths " or "If you tell the truth, you will never have to remember many mistakes that we later regret."

From my point of view, there is no reason to lie to children, because when we lie to our children we provoke in them a series of reactions that do not favor their development and maturity.

When perceiving the lie, children can feel:

- Distrust: As difficult as it is to gain trust, a single lie will throw away much of the work we have been doing.

- Sadness: When they have lied to you, empathy is rejected, and a terrible sense of failure takes over.

- Rage: It is the most common and prolonged sensation, since the child can't find an explanation why they lied to him.

- Disappointment: Even the person who lied to you has disappointed himself, and one disappointment is enough to see how difficult it is to fix.

Therefore, if you do not want to generate distrust, sadness, disappointment or anger in your children, do not lie to them, and by not doing so you will be investing in the good personal development of your children.

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