Christmas postcards. Card with hearts

Christmas postcards. Card with hearts

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Children really enjoy the holidays, but for parents the challenge is finding a way to entertain themselves for so many hours. To have fun as a family, a good activity is to make crafts like this card with hearts.

A personalized Christmas postcard that children can make to congratulate family and friends. They will love receiving a traditional card made with love and with so many hearts. You can make different models for other parties.

  • Red card
  • White cardboard
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Colored string
  • Glue
  • Heart shaped die cutter
  • Tips: You can make the card with other shapes, like stars.

1. To form the base of our card, we are going to cut a rectangle of white cardboard, as if it were a label. Cut the two upper corners and make a hole in the center to be able to pass the ribbon and hang it.

2. Cut a rectangle of red card smaller than the white one. Cut out three hearts with scissors or a die cutter, alternating their order.

3. Glue the red card and place it over the slightly crooked white one. You will thus have a card with white hearts and a red border.

4. Cut a piece of string and wrap it around the center of the card, taking care that the two ends come first. Tie the ends with a bow, and if necessary, give it a bit of glue to attach it to the card.

5. Cut a piece of gold ribbon. Pass it through the hole at the top of the card and tie it to hang it.

6. It's done! A very simple postcard to make for children. Now, dare with other designs such as stars, snowflakes, etc.

If you prefer, you can follow the video tutorial to see how everything is done step by step. And if you want to see many more Christmas postcard crafts enter HERE

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