7 steps to get your kids interested in food

7 steps to get your kids interested in food

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In many homes, mealtime, instead of being pleasant, becomes one of the worst headaches. The grocery list, planning family menus, personal tastes… everything takes time that is scarce, but above all, the fight to get children to eat healthy food.

However, the relationship established between children and food is closely related to their future eating habits, those that will determine their health in adulthood. For these to be correct, we give you a series of guidelines so that your children are interested in food.

In addition to offering them, from the beginning of the complementary diet, a healthy, varied and balanced diet, we can motivate their interest with games and improvisations.

1- Teach them where nutrients come from, which foods are better and how to consume them to take advantage of their benefits, create good eating habits that will be maintained throughout your life.

2- Ask for their help when planning menus, showing them which dishes are healthier or which complement each other. In this way, they will learn not only what a healthy diet is, but also to balance their menus, a not inconsiderable skill for adulthood.

3- Take them shopping, each with their list if you have more than one child, and involve them in putting food in the car and paying for it.

4- Involve them in preparing family meals, washing and / or cutting fruits and vegetables, favors that they have more interest in them.

5- Explain how everything is cooked, the different options that exist and why you choose one or the other. Following a recipe step by step is something that usually attracts their attention, and they are much less reluctant to eat something when they have participated in its preparation. Read the different steps, check that all the ingredients are there, put them in order, weigh an ingredient ... no matter their age, all children can participate.

6- Be flexible when it comes to changing or varying ingredients in some dishes, or the way to cook them, allowing children to discard some of the ingredients that they least like or change them for others that they like more.

7- Let them present the dishes in their own way. A dish that enters through the eyes is more appetizing than one that is not.

Above all, it should be remembered that forcing children to eat is not the solution, and that involving our little ones in the family's routines not only translates into a benefit for them -in the short and long term-, but also converts the chores around the house in a fun and family time, who gives more?

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