15 things kids do better than adults

15 things kids do better than adults

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Before we became bored adults, once we were fun children. At what point do we stop being creative and unconscious to move on we make rational? When do we stop jumping on the beds, chalking the floor, doing ridiculous hairstyles and saying whatever comes to mind without fearing the consequences?

Is it good to be so rational? Are we really happier like this?

Studies show no; the more we know and know the world around us, the less happy we are.

On our site, we teach you 15 things children do better than adults and of which you should learn to be a little happier.

You don't have to be a lynx to see how hethe children's smile is fading as they get older.

We domesticate them, we take away their freedom, we clip the wings of their imagination, we make them in our image, we we transmit our fears, traumas and disappointments, and then we want our children to be happy.

Is it necessary to close your eyes to the world in order to be happy? I do not think so. We simply must letting ourselves be carried away by the child we carry inside, the one who got soaked up to his eyebrows when he ate an ice cream or the one who walked with his shirt on backwards. Letting go a little, loving freedom without fear of criticism and being a little unaware.

Here we leave you some tricks kids do better than adults and what can you learn from them to go back to childhood:

- They smile more and openly. The smaller they are, the more smiles and with any excuse. When did we stop smiling so much? Every day that we don't smile is a wasted day.

- They are more practical. They fix things in the moment and don't worry about the future, that's a long way off!

- No shades of gray, everything is colored in life.

- They put illusion in everything they do, and everything makes them delusion.

- They don't care about fashion or if they combine the pants with the sweater. They are totally free to dress up and there is no ridicule.

- They cry without shame. They express their emotions without remorse and freely. Who could criticize them for it?

- They don't feel gender differences. All children are equal and are worthy of playing with everything around them without assigned roles.

- Are able to make friends in 5 minutes and without knowing anything about their lives.

- They sleep anywhere. They have no worries. They sleep the sleep of the righteous.

- Anything is capable of being used for the game: a box, a rope ...

- They are full of imagination and creativity. Their minds are free and without prejudice.

- They are not spiteful and they are capable of recovering from an anger in a second.

- They take advantage of any situation. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

- They do what they want at all times, without worrying about what others will say.

- And finally, love without barriers and without interest. Who wouldn't want to have all these gifts ?!

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