Unpublished photos of the moment of conception

Unpublished photos of the moment of conception

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The moment of conception as we have never seen it, with photographs that reveal one of the most amazing miracles of life: the moment in which one of the sperm manages to fertilize the ovum, after a difficult path not without obstacles.

The sharpness with which the Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson reveals this moment to us. Photographs that have had to be enlarged more than one hundred thousand times. The result is truly spectacular. Don't miss out on all these unpublished photos of the moment of conception. Amazing!

In these first photographs, we see the advancement of sperm into the fallopian tubes. The race is started by millions of them. But most will die. Only the strongest and fastest achieves their goal. The sperm that manage to reach the egg weaken the wall of the egg. Only one will be able to enter. The miracle of life begins.

These unpublished photos of the moment of conception they never cease to amaze us ... These other photographs show the first moment after fertilization and the first days of the fertilized embryo. In the second photograph, the embryo is only 8 days old. The third photograph shows us what the baby's future brain will be.

The first photograph, taken 24 days after fertilization, shows how the baby's skeleton begins to form. The next two photos depict the baby in its sixth and seventh weeks of pregnancy.

The baby, in its 10th week, he already has his fingers formed, but not fully developed. Nine more weeks, and even the nails are showing. In the last photograph, we see the baby at 24 weeks.

The images ofLennart Nilsson leaves us really beautiful snapshots, like this first photograph of the baby in its 20th week, where it is appreciated how you put your finger in your mouth, or a second photograph that shows how the baby begins to gather in itself in the absence of space in the uterus, in its 26th week. Ten weeks later, at 36 weeks, the baby is ready to be born. Amazing.

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