Mexican legend for children: The son of the maguey

Mexican legend for children: The son of the maguey

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The son of the maguey, is a legend that tells us about the birth of Meconetzin (King of the Toltec people) and a curious prophecy that would later end his empire. Teach your children, this mexican legend for kids and motivate them to become more interested in Mexican culture and its history.

Legends are a different way of educating children, with them you can teach them history through interesting stories that spark your imagination. Enjoy this Mexican legend with your children and develop their interest, taste and habit for reading.

Legend has it that a maiden named Xóchitl He gave Tecpancaltzin a nice gift: a maguey honey gourd. Upon receiving this gift, the monarch fell madly in love with that woman, so much so that he stayed with her in her palace. Later, the couple had a son named Meconetzin, that is to say "son of the maguey".

As the child grows, it was rumored by the people about his peculiar appearance, since she had curly hair in the shape of a tiara. At that time there was a prophecy that said: "The Toltec people will have an end when a king with curly hair in the shape of a tiara rises to the throne and when nature begets rabbits with deer horns." After remembering this prophecy, the people were very worried and with good reason!

After a few years, Meconetzin became king and the name was changed to Topiltzin. At first he was a peaceful king, much loved and admired by his people, but suddenly he became an evil and tyrant king.

One day the hunters of Topiltzin hunted a strange animal: a rabbit with deer antlers. The news spread through the city and everyone was scared when they remembered the prophecy. Before long, natural disasters, hurricanes, plagues, droughts and floods began to occur.

The population was dying little by little and unfortunately they lived a war with the kings of Xalisco, who had taken advantage of the situation and mercilessly invaded the Toltec territory. In the battle to defend the people, Tecpancaltzin and Xóchitl died, who were fighting in the front row; Topiltzin, fled terrified to hide in a cave from where he never returned. Thus the prophecy was fulfilled and the Toltec empire was extinguished.

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