The legend of Tepoztécatl. Mexican legends for children

The legend of Tepoztécatl. Mexican legends for children

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The legend of Tepoztécatl is a story about a brave and strong character who fought to save his people from a fearsome creature. A legend originating in the state of Morelos, passed down for generations. shows you the best mexican legends for kids, which will promote interest in reading in the little ones. Attractive stories that stimulate active listening and also instill in them values ​​such as empathy, respect or solidarity. Read this traditional Mexican legend with your children, to strengthen ties with the little ones and share moments full of learning.

Tepoztecatl He was born to a princess whose pregnancy was the product of the love of a bird. The little one was named by his mother as Tepoztécatl. She was immensely happy with her child, However, when the princess's parents found out about that baby, they got very upset with her, since she was not married, so they forced her to abandon the child far from home.

When leaving it, the princess left it near an anthill, it was then that the little ants fed it with drops of honey that they obtained from a honeycomb. Shortly after feeding, the ants left the baby near a maguey tree. By having it between their stalks, the maguey sheltered and fed him with the mead that he carried inside. Some time later, the maguey was placed in a box and placed over the waters of the Atongo River, until an elderly couple who lived in Tepoztlán found him and raised him as if he were their son.

Little Tepoztécatl grew up to become a strong and skilled warrior. One day an evil serpent called Mazacóatl appeared in Xochicalco threatening the inhabitants of that town. Tepoztécatl's adoptive father was chosen to destroy that frightening creature, but the man was very old and tired, so Tepoztécatl decided to take his place and fight the snake. For this, the young man took many pieces of obsidian and when he was fighting against the creature he cut its entrails with the crystals, thus ending its life.

When he returned to his town Tepoztécatl became their hero, everyone celebrated his victory and named him Lord of Tepoztlán and priest of the God Ometochtli. Years later, Tepoztécatl disappeared and went to live forever in the pyramid that is located at the top of the Tepozteco hill.

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