Letter from a young woman to her unborn child

Letter from a young woman to her unborn child

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Life, at times, requires us to mature suddenly and live at full speed ... Surely, all of us have at some time needed a word of encouragement, a helping hand, a kind advice or an understanding look. A good example of the need to face problems, to turn them around or recognize that we are vulnerable, is the letter that a young woman writes to her unborn child.

It is a moving story, a could have been and was not, an unsatisfied love, a great regret, a constant presence, the search for forgiveness ... all this is the residue left by me when reading this letter. Without the intention of raising "blisters", I leave this testimony of someone who has lived and is experiencing the loss of a child in the first person, so that it can serve as help and reflection to women who consider going through the hard and painful trance of an abortion.

"Dear baby:

I am your mother, the one who is wrong and the one who, thanks to you, already has that beautiful title. The first thing I want to tell you is sorry for not giving you the opportunity to live that you deserve. You are not to blame for the negligence that your dad and I have been able to commit. Today I realize that we have acted in a very selfish way.

Once they told me that as a woman I would understand these things about motherhood, but the truth is that no one but our children teaches us to be parents. It is not easy, especially with the first one, with whom we receive the title of "mom", but with whom, with love, we make mistakes many times.

You are my first son or daughter and that is how I recognize you. You were never a mistake and now I try to include you in my life. Do not take it as an excuse but you arrived at a very difficult time, your father and I studying and without the maturity and resources necessary to take responsibility for your first steps. I am both happy and very sad to know that I could have been a mother.

I want you to know that it fills me with pride to be able to tell you that you were conceived with a lot of love. The decision we made was very tough, VERY HARD and is not easily overcome, not to say that it is never overcome. You have taught me in a few days more than in many years of school. You will be present in me all my life and I hope that later I can form a family with you in your heart and telling your brothers that you are the oldest".

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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