The fire and the animals. Mexican legend for kids

The fire and the animals. Mexican legend for kids

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We tell you one mexican legend for kids: The fire and the animals. A story that will teach the little ones the importance of being shared and generous with others. Read with your children this beautiful story full of learning and share the Mexican culture with them.

Through this story you can show your children a different and fun form of entertainment. Remember that reading is of the utmost importance for their education and through legends like these you can encourage this good habit in them.

Legend has it that a long time ago animals talked and did human thingsBut since they had no fire and matches did not yet exist, the poor little ones had to eat raw food, which they did not like at all.

At that time the jaguar did not have its spots, it was one color, yellow and nothing else. One day while he was sunbathing on a mountain, the sun was watching him carefully. Mr. Sun was so sorry to see that both the jaguar and the animals suffered eating raw food, that he decided to talk to the jaguar and say:

- Jaguar I am going to give you something that you will use and share with the other animals.

- Is it something to eat?- asked the jaguar.

"It's fire, pick up that branch with dry grass, I'll light it up for you," the sun answered.

The jaguar thanking the sun's good gesture ran with the lit torch, but did not share it with the other animals. Sooner or later everyone the animals learned of the valuable possession of the jaguar. So the owl went to ask for a little fire, but the jaguar did not want to give it. Later they sent the Vizcaya but the jaguar refused and began to roar, managing to drive it away. Finally a cunning fox arrived who managed to trick the jaguar and steal a little fire from him. The fox ran and ran, until the jaguar tripped over a stone and got stained.

In the end the jaguar was left with spots, alone and in a bad mood for not having shared the precious fire. The rest of the animals enjoyed the fire and They lived happily ever after.

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