The monster bewitched forever. Children's tale of monsters

The monster bewitched forever. Children's tale of monsters

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We suggest you read this children's story of monsters that will instill in children the value of respect and kindness. The monster bewitched forever is a story of fantastic characters, perfect for the little ones to have fun and enjoy a recreational activity such as reading.

Share this beautiful story with your children where magic and fantasy will unleash your imagination. Delve together with them in the world of children's literature and teach them the importance of reading. And now yes, enjoy this beautiful story!

Once upon a time there was a child who behaved so badly that the fairy of the kingdom appeared to punish him. He put a spell on him and turned him into a monster, so that he could only stop being one if he terribly scared someone. At first he thought it would be easy, but he soon realized that the children around him were very difficult to scare.

A long time passed and he became discouraged, so decided to look for easy prey: a boy with a reputation for being a good guy. In order not to fail, she studied him for some time, following him wherever he went, and seeing in passing all the good works he did: he gave alms, played with the children in the hospital, helped the elderly.

Finally, one day he had the best scare in the world, the one who could free him forever and stiffen the good boy. But when he went to scare him, the images of those whom the good boy helped came to his mind, and he decided to forgive him, because he understood that the work of that boy was priceless; he would be guilty of everything bad that happened to all those who helped. Just at that moment the fairy appeared, who rewarded his attitude by restoring his appearance.

And that boy, so evil before, became an exemplary child and kind, a good friend of that good boy whom he was about to kill with fright.

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