Monster tales for kids

Monster tales for kids

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We show you a list of monster tales for kids, perfect to help the little ones to lose their fear of these beings product of their imagination. Funny stories of cute, evil, terrifying and even legendary monsters. These kinds of stories can be very attractive to read with the little ones, since through them you can show them the funny side of these fantasy characters, leaving fear and fear behind.

Enjoy the list of monster tales bring for you and share a different reading with your children. But stop! Before reading them, do not look under the bed or inside the closet, you could be surprised ...

The Loch Ness Monster. Children's tale of monsters

Who has not heard of this mythical monster? A terrifying being that lives in Loch Ness in Scotland. For centuries there has been talk of the existence of this creature, many people have claimed to witness its horrifying presence, but where did this legend come from? How did the idea that a sea monster exists? Through this fun children's story we give you the answer.

Monster Tale for Children: The Dragon of Words

Once upon a time there was an evil witch who wanted to avoid at all costs sharing the world of books with people, she knew the importance of reading, she knew that reading gave the people knowledge and learning and her desire to have power and control over everyone, led her to feed her monstrous dragon with all the books in the world, until one day ... Share this beautiful story with your children and discover its fantastic ending.

The creature in the attic. Monster tale for children

Have you ever felt a strange presence in the dark? This children's story tells us about a monster that lived in a cold and dark attic. A being of great size, with two large and bright eyes, waiting for his next victim. Do you dare to know who we are talking about? Are you brave enough? Find out in the story, the creature in the attic!

The monster Merlin. A monster tale for children

Friendly monsters exist too! Yes, believe it or not, Merlin the protagonist of this story is a kind and kind-hearted monster. The problem with this nice character is that others get carried away by his horrible appearance, which prevents them from seeing his true personality. A story that teaches children to don't judge others by how they look on the outside.

The Monster Eater. Monster tale for children

One of the funniest monster tales! This is the story of Comeletras a very greedy monster who loves to eat alphabet soup, without a doubt, it is his favorite food! One day after eating so many letters, he was so fed up that he had to go to the doctor to solve the problem. But, can this curious character continue to eat alphabet soup? What will happen to all the letters that he has already eaten? We reveal it to you in this nice story for children.

The monster bewitched forever. Children's tale of monsters

The protagonist of this story will give the children a valuable lesson: being good and behaving well will always have positive consequences. Enjoy with your children a story that will show them the importance of being noble and kind to others. Encourage reading in your children and share moments of pure fun with them, reading this original story.

The inventor of monsters. Childish story

This story tells us about the importance of stories in the lives of children. Reading in children is an essential habit for a good education, with the help of this story you can motivate them to become more interested in the world of literature and develop in them their capacity for understanding, reflection and in turn strengthen their imagination.

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