Cemetery cake with cookies. Halloween recipes for kids

Cemetery cake with cookies. Halloween recipes for kids

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Grandma's cookie cake has become a classic that never fails; But there are different versions, and although they are all delicious, we want to surprise you once more.

From our site we offer you a recipe whose flavor will be irresistible to children and adults. In addition, we have given our personal touch to the decoration to make it a fun graveyard cake with cookies. They are Halloween recipes for children.

If you want to prepare an original breakfast or snack, or are thinking about how to put the finishing touch to your halloween menu, we recommend that you continue reading our step by step. Chilling!

  • A packet of toasted cookies.
  • (450 gr) 700 ml of milk.
  • 2 lemons.
  • 120 gr of sugar.
  • 4 eggs
  • 5 level tablespoons of cornstarch.
  • 200 ml of whipping cream.
  • 270 gr of dark chocolate to melt

1- To make this Halloween recipe for children, in a saucepan, heat the milk next to the skin of the lemons. When it starts to boil, remove from heat and let it rest until cool. Once cold, we strain the milk, separate 500 ml, and store the rest in the fridge.

2. Next we are going to prepare a simple and delicious pastry cream. First we are going to divide the sugar into two equal parts (60 gr each). In a large saucepan, heat the 500 ml of milk with 60 g of sugar over low heat. Meanwhile, in a bowl, we separate the yolks of the 4 eggs and beat them together with the cornstarch and the remaining sugar until the lumps disappear. When the milk in the saucepan begins to smoke (just before it boils), remove it from the heat, and pour it into the container with the eggs; We beat so that everything is well integrated and we put everything back into the saucepan. We heat over low heat while stirring so that it begins to thicken, and remove from the heat again before it begins to boil. We cover with transparent film and let it temper.

3. To begin to assemble the cake, we will place the cookies in a source and we will moisten them with the milk that we have stored in the refrigerator. Now, we are going to pass the cookies to the mold forming a first layer that will be the base. Then, we pour the pastry cream, and we will cover with another layer of cookies. We put the cake in the fridge and let it rest between 6 and 8 hours. Now you can enjoy your cemetery cake with cookies!

4. The next step is to start decorating; For this we are going to make a chocolate cream by heating the cream over low heat in a saucepan. When it starts to boil, remove it from the heat and add the chopped chocolate. We stir well with a few rods until we see that it thickens a little and is shiny. We take the mold out of the fridge and pour in the cream that we have just prepared. Finally, we will use more cookies that will shape the graves. Some we will nail vertically and others we will crush them so that they look like sand. You can give it a more terrifying touch by adding some fondant arms and bones!

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